ATLANTA, January 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Stonebranch, the industry leader in Managed File Transfer ( and Job Scheduling technology (, announced today the launch of a new B2B solution portfolio (, enabling organizations to automate and streamline global trading partner integration.

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Stonebranch's EDI solution improves business relationships and compliance with partner mandates by electronically providing all transaction sets (ASC X12, EDIFACT, XML) including detailed invoices, credits, invoice summaries, purchase orders, activity reports and other sensitive business information. All data is securely transferred using an extensive list of supported protocols or traditional VAN services.

Jon Gatrell, vice president of product management for Stonebranch, said, Our customers continue to drive operational improvements and benefits by consolidating their platforms and solutions. Multi-enterprise collaboration and integration into applications is critical for global business. Managed File Transfer requires open protocols. The ability to use common controls and policies is critical and the Stonebranch B2B solutions provide flexible enablement and compliance for our customers.

Infitran's B2B Gateway and BPM (business process management) solution leverages a common platform for integrating an organization's multi-enterprise communications and existing secure file transfer capabilities via Infitran(TM) for customers and business partners. With the Infitran B2B Gateway(TM), organizations gain power and flexibility through a quick installation process, enabling them to meet customer mandates while providing integration with scheduling to centralize management by leveraging Infitran and Indesca(TM).

Complementing these offerings, the Stonebranch Supplier Portal(TM) offers organizations seamless business transaction processing for their customers and trading partners in a hosted environment. The Supplier Portal enables customers to access intuitive registration forms, place orders in a real-time secure environment, receive order status updates and access invoice and payment information.

Wolfgang Bothe, CEO of Stonebranch, said, Managed File Transfer doesn't stop at the data center and requires a holistic approach for businesses. Moving data is no longer about security, it is quickly becoming about data quality, enabling automation and integration with strategic business partners or suppliers and deploying a single platform for managing and governing compliance.

For more information on Stonebranch's B2B solution portfolio, please visit: or contact us at: +1-678-366-7887.

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Stonebranch provides solutions which govern business processes and data exchange for businesses. In 2009, Stonebranch launched Scribbos(TM), a subsidiary of Stonebranch. Scribbos offers a secure business communications solution, which complements Stonebranch's Infitran(TM), its Intelligent File Transfer Solution, and Indesca(TM), its Independent Scheduling Agents solution. Used separately or as a suite, Stonebranch and Scribbos products and services interoperate with existing platforms/infrastructures and emerging technologies. Stonebranch clients include some of the world's largest financial, healthcare and technology institutions. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Stonebranch has offices throughout the world, including Germany, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Spain and Denmark. For more information on Stonebranch, please visit:

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