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- Former Tata Interactive Systems (TIS) Director Receives Commendation for Outstanding Paper on Rediscovering the joy of Learning Through Stories.

Jon Revelos, former Director - Story-based Learning at TIS has been honored with an Emerald Literati Award for Excellence 2008, for his outstanding paper titled 'Igniting instruction through a narrative spark.' The Emerald Literati is a UK-based publisher of management journals and databases.

The paper takes up the debate of the analytical versus the anecdotal schools of thought. It argues that the belief of conventional instructional design (ID) that breaking down and organizing information piece by piece helps build the learner's knowledge does not, in fact, support the learner in connecting the disparate pieces of information, and therefore learn and remember them.

Jon, who has been instrumental in making story-based learning the forte of instructional designers at TIS, has discussed in his paper the thoughtful identification of what can be considered the most effective mechanism for the delivery of instructional content - storytelling.

According to TIS' Gajanan Kasbekar - Vice President, Corporate Solutions, North America, "TIS has developed the Story-based Learning Objects (StoBLs) methodology in and have found it to be an innovative and effective instructional approach to deliver learning. A StoBL leverages a variety of media elements and combines them into a potent instructional form. The added element of interactivity increases the effectiveness of this training technique; as everyone-including adults-loves the immersive aspect of stories."

"Stories facilitate the appreciation of inaccessible concepts by lowering adult resistance to new ideas. They move content into a context that is relevant and recognizable to the learner, which helps them understand why the information is important and answer the ever-present 'what's in it for me?' question. Our ability to accommodate or reject new data is intimately tied to similarities and differences to our personal experiences, which are, themselves, stories," says Jon.

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About the Emerald Literati Award for Excellence

Every year Emerald invites each journal's Editor Team to nominate what they believe has been the title's Outstanding Paper from the previous 12 months. Jon's paper entitles 'Igniting instruction through a narrative spark', published in Training & Management Development methods has been included among these and I am please to inform you that your article has been chosen as a Highly Commended Paper at the Literati network Awards for Excellence 2008.

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