MUMBAI, India, May 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Tata Interactive Systems showcased how its Electronic Performance Support Systems are helping organizations worldwide ramp up their productivity at Dynamic Contact Centre Solutions 2008, an International Quality and Productivity Centre (IQPC) event in Sydney, Australia (31st March to 2nd April).

On-the-job support is critical for any organization seeking to boost its employees' productivity. Tata Interactive Systems develops tools to allow staff to do their jobs right the first time, maximizing efficiency and minimizing costly errors.

These performance support systems, which include tools such as process maps, calculators, encyclopedias etc. were on display at the IQPC conference recently held in Sydney, Australia. These EPSS tools are developed by TIS to closely mimic a company's own internal processes and business rules, so even completely new recruits can quickly get up to speed on the nuances of their specific job roles.

According to Candida Chandorkar, Vice President - Australia & New Zealand at TIS: "TIS's EPSS equips employees with context sensitive help when they need it the most - while they are working. This not only helps reduce turnaround time but also improves the customer experience, by providing a consistent and high quality interface to the company.

"This helps organizations quickly tide over attrition crises and other problems due to critical knowledge being concentrated within a few senior or experienced employees."

Saurabh Mittal, Head of EPSS at TIS adds, "Our performance systems have already delivered several millions of dollars in savings for clients through increased revenues, lower errors and a significant reduction in time to competence."

TIS's EPSS has been the winner of several awards including the Performance Centered Design and the IT Training Award.

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About Tata Interactive Systems (TIS)

Tata Interactive Systems (TIS), a global leader in e-learning, is a part of the US$45bn Tata Group. Truly international, TIS has a presence across the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, Japan, India, Amsterdam and mainland Europe. TIS offers corporations, universities, schools, publishers and government institutions a diversified and innovative bouquet of learning and training solutions including Simulation-based Learning Objects (SimBLs(TM)), Story-based Learning Objects (StoBLs(TM)), courseware and curriculum design, special-needs education, assessments, electronic performance support systems (EPSS), mobile learning, game-based learning along with other corporate training and consultancy services. Our multi-disciplinary expertise and 17 years' experience across domains helps us design e-learning programs that are unique to clients' requirements and specifically crafted to boost knowledge retention and application.

TIS is the only e-learning organization in the world to be assessed at Level 5 in both the SEI-CMM and P-CMM frameworks. TIS's quest for excellence is reflected in numerous prestigious industry awards, including a Silver Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Award 2005 and 2004, APEX Award of Excellence in 2005 and 2006, BETT Awards in 2004 and 2006, and two Business World-NID Design Excellence awards.

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Further information from: Sonal Chhaya Tata Interactive Systems +91-22-6643-8000

Further information from: Sonal Chhaya, Tata Interactive Systems, +91-22-6643-8000,