Today is Darwin Day. I didn't think I'd participate in this particular internet adventure.


It looked like a lot of fun, Hank and Adaptive Complexity made sure of that, but it would be a long stretch to talk about the geometry of our planet let alone astrophysics and call it evolution just to join the party. Then I discovered Marv Lyon and his philosophically tinted evolutionary art work.

Marv simply asks where do all the DNA go when species go extinct. A valid question for evolutionists and scientists in general. Marv communicates his concerns for endangered animals - and their DNA - through graphical artwork collection called Endangered species and their DNA return to the universe. And this is were he saves my day and gives me a ticket to the Darwin Day party. He puts the animals and their DNA in space. Perfect!

If you think you need to be reminded that you must be kind to nature to keep your pet endangered animal, you can always buy a poster that includes your favorite animal, some DNA and the vast gorgeous universe!

Personally I'm just as greedy as a massive black hole; I want them all!


Evolutionary art work published with the permission of Marv Lyon.