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About Keith British writer in the Hollywood Hills, author of "Broken Whole: a California tale of Craziness, Creativity and Chaos" (tinyurl . com / brokenwhole), published in 2010 by ChipmunkaPublishing. Keith has a background in physics & astronomy, and has read widely in scientific fields. He never did that PhD in cosmology towards which he felt bound as a kid - too many cold nights in an observatory steered him elsewhere. His chief claim to fame is his partner, Dr. Benhur Lee, who is indeed living the life of the scientific mind, doing research into infectious diseases at UCLA, and, in general, saving the world. He compensates for his own redirection from the scientific endeavor by reading, writing and thinking about life, the universe and everything, a la Douglas Adams. Keith also writes about living with bipolar disorder, and the implications - for one's thought processes and creative life - of being vulnerable to mania.
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