The following position arose from a blitz chess game played on the Internet Chess Club this afternoon. I am white, and black is to move.

As you can see, material is even; white has all his pieces but the Rd1 trained against the enemy kings' shelter, a strong knight on f6, and is threatening to win an exchange with Nxe8 -however good or bad that move may be, given the strength of the knight in the game position.

Black is in control of the c file, and is apparently controlling his king's position well enough; in particular, the h7 square, attacked by Nf6 and Qh3, is defended by Nf8, Qe7, and indirectly by the Rc7. So black chooses to counterattack, playing 32...., Rec8. That move, incidentally, is arguably the best in the position.

How would you continue the game as white after 32....Rec8? Would 33.Bxg6 be playable, given that black might answer it with 33....Rc1 threatening mate in one ?

I will provide the remaining moves played in the game tomorrow, with a commentary of what would be the "best" continuation. For now, you are invited to give your own assessment of the position and suggest the most likely continuation. In particular, is 33.Bxg6 good or bad ?