Simos beach is one of the best beaches of Greece, and arguably of the whole European continent. It is located at the southern tip of the small island of Elafonissos, a four-mile-wide rock dangling off the eastern of the three fingers shaping the Peloponnese. I chose this place for three weeks of sun, snorkeling, and rest with my family; and to rearrange my thoughts in view of September, when several interesting occupations await me: a conference in Japan, a couple of articles to produce, a course of Subnuclear Physics to hold.

I am blogging tonight from the terrace of the apartment we have rented in front of Simos beach. It feels a real privilege to be here, because apart from a camping site, there is hardly any building between me and the beach. The night is warm and breezy, moonless, and all I hear are the waves breaking ashore and the singing of the cicadas.

Above you can see the twin beaches of Simos. If you look closely, on the top left there is one single building overlooking the beach -it is the place I am standing in.

Because of the location and my vacation mode and mood, I had predicted that my blogging activities would have slightly slowed down. The prediction was also due to my inability to get a contract with WIND Greece as I arrived in Patras three days ago (they want a tax number! Now how am I supposed to get that?). However, the internet connection provided by my host here is slow but steady, and I do not even need to drive to the port for an internet cafe to connect. So I think I will stay on top of my job here. Only, do not expect me to answer comments with the usual promptness -days are for swimming and other healthier activities than sitting in front of my laptop!