Just a note, awaiting for my submission to the arxiv, to mention that my request here for a ghost writer to help me put together a proceedings paper for the PIC 2009 conference has been successful.

The paper (here in the version which will be published) has me listed as author, but the real author of the text and layout is the one I acknowledge at the end, Eleni Petrakou. She put together a very clean article, which required almost no editing on my part. Thanks to her, I did not let the PIC09 organizers down and actually submitted what they asked -albeit with a few days of delay. I would not have been able to do it otherwise, because I was swamped by a few other obligations (and not stimulated enough to go the extra mile, because the space limitation for the proceedings paper prevented me from being creative in the text).

Eleni gets acknowledged in the paper, plus she wins a copy of the proceedings (when I get it) and a cool T-shirt. Hank, would you oblige ? Details by email.