That we should be judged by the content of our characters and not the color of our skin. I don't think so.  The way other "black" people treat each other says no. America has still defaulted on the promisory note he spoke of in his "Dream Speech".   
The racism has only changed, not gone away. Consider this video and the racial preconceptions thrown around just between African American's of different shades.
This is not so much different than the issues I brought up in relation to Haiti and it's population of people whom we in the USA would regard as 100% African.  But they don't see it that way.  I could call it hopeful that all the women in the following video use the same word to ID themselves.  However there is a divide without doubt. 

That's not Dr. Kings dream. 

Or Barrack Obama getting elected? Do you think that's full filled his dream. I don't think so. His dream was greater than an election. Current events have proven from Jesse Jackson saying he'd like to castrate Obama for acting too white... to Harry Reid calling him lite skinned and no negroe dialect. Obama is still not judged, even as president 100% because of his character. That's sad. That's really sad 

There is always hope though. Hope that all Americans can stop discriminating because one person is light, dark, yellow, red, black, brown, or anything else. The question is do we as a nation have the fortitude to shed our own predjucices? I pray to 
All mighty, merciful God we do.