In spite of not having any where near as much physics education some people feel a need to prove they know more than I do.  These people are never physicist themselves, they have nothing to prove.  Usually they are someone with little education and/or self esteem.
For example my last blog entry "Dark Matter and Dark Energy as Undiscovered Particles of Scalar and Vector Fields.".
In which I am describing quantum field theory in curved space-time.  There are no matrices being used here yet.  I get this hostility laden response. 

Garnered this anonymous response "Your paper contains an elementary algebraic mistake in the calculation of \sqrt{g}, which is a shorthand \sqrt{|\det(g)|},....If you don't know how to compute determinants, look it up in a Linear Algebra textbook".

I informed the person that they are wrong to think of g as the determinant of a matrix etc... because it is really a contracted metric tensor g=g^{/mu}_{/nu}.  This is Einstein's summation convention, and tensor contraction in action.  No determinants being taken here. What I did was perfectly proper.    

What I ask of the readers is can anyone explain to me weather I was right or wrong about such a thing why would anyone word their comment with such hostility?