If you thought their publications were freaky get a load of how they look after a ton of plastic surgery. You may remember them from the Bogdanov affair many years ago.  They published papers in scientific journals that are very widely regarded as being bunk.  Some have even reached to call them outright fraudulent. 
Igor and Grichka Bogdanov
I don't know about calling them frauds after all at least they believed that their theories were good.  (Unlike simply making up experimental results the way Jan Hendrik Schon did.) 

So after being embroiled in a scientific controversy which basically invalidated their PhD's what do they decide to do?  Apparently have massive facial surgery.  Looking quite like they have been stung by angry africanized bees  they appeared at the 150th anniversary party for Paris jewelry company Chopard according to the Daily mail.  

Someone needs to be honest with them about how they look right now.  A real friend needs to pull them aside and tell them they look like bobble head dolls.   Like a caricature that would be drawn at the county fair.  That's about as nicely as it can be said.