Look what I found on Quark Expedition website!


In a nutshell, Quark is sponsoring a competition to send someone on an eco-cruise of Antarctica in order to blog for a week.  The Fossil Huntress apparently threw her hat in, and I think any of her readers here would agree that she'd do a kickass job of blogging from Antarctica.

But naturally, the competition is a bit more of a popularity contest than a merit-based blogging appointment; you have 300 words in which to pitch yourself, but nobody besides your friends has any incentive to visit your entry page.  (I'd wanted to enter myself, but then I remembered that I have no friends.)

So let's be Heidi's friends and vote for her!  I tested it out, and the entire process of registering, logging in, and voting takes less than a minute.  Do it for the good of the internet-- the current leader is a radio personality from Portugal who promises to tell us whether a penguin bites his ass.  Really. 

Good luck, Heidi!

image from a Cornell.edu Quick Facts About Antarctica Climate Change page