Interorbital actual rocketA fun update, Interorbital lists their filled manifest for their first N30 launch.  This is everyone who is building a Tubesat or Cubesat for their first private launch.  Put another way, these are all of Calliope's kinfolk.  Pioneers, every one of them.

There are 5 Cubesat teams: one domestic uni (UC Irvine), one Danish Google Lunar X Prize team (Team EuroLuna), and 3 international universities: Vietnam, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia universities.

For the Tubesats, we have an awesome mix of edu, corp, and private ventures, that also mix research and fun.  The narrative tally is 5 US universities (Morehead, InterAmerica, U of Puerto Rico, Navy Postgrad, West Point); 2 international universities (Sydney, UK Defense Sci&Tech Lab); 3 middle- or high-schools (Aslan Academy, Marcelino Canino, Brazilian Space Institute); 3 more Google Lunar X Prize private teams, 3 arts teams (our Project Calliope, "Austrian Arts Group", and "Mexican Satellite Project: PLAY Arts/Soccer Opera from Space"), one private engineering contractor (TriVector Services), and AKQA Advertising.

If you argue that we haven't yet figured out how to extract profit from space, I can now counter that with 'at least we have a varied team willing to try'.  Try just about everything, too.

*** Update **

Turns out there are even more payloads than I cited.  If you fold in the full first manifest and the quickly filling 2nd launch, the full list from Interorbital Systems is:

  UC Irvine, UCISAT1
   Google Lunar X PRIZE (GLXP) Team EuroLuna, Romit 1 (2U from
   FPT University, Vietnam, F-1 CubeSat       
   Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
   King Abdullah University of Science and Technology(KAUST), Saudi 
   Arabia/US (2 IOS CubeSat Kits)
   Google Lunar X PRIZE Team PLAN B (Canada)
TubeSats (constructed from Interorbital Systems TubeSat Kits):
   Morehead State University (Kentucky Space), plus 2 payloads on suborbital test flights
   InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico
   University of Sydney (Australia) (2)
   Aslan Academy (Private LA High School)
   Project Calliope (Space Music Project)
   Universidad de Puerto Rico / Marcelino Canino Canino Middle School
   GLXP Team Part-Time Scientists / Fluid&Reason Software (2)
   Naval Postgraduate School (3) (Ad hoc orbital comm nodes) plus 2 payloads on suborbital test flights
   Defense Science and Technology Lab (DSTL, UK)
   Austrian arts program from with MURSAT
   United States Military Academy at West Point (2)
   Brazilian Space Institute/ 108 5th-7th Grade Students, Ubatuba, Sao Paulo, Brazil
   Mexican Satellite Project: ULISES / Soccer Opera from Space
   TriVector Services, Huntsville
   AKQA Advertising, San Francisco
   La Despensa (The Pantry) Advertising Agency/Iniciativas en Idiomas (Madrid, Spain)
   Earth to Sky’s Project: The Golden iPod--Voyager Updated! Bishop, California (2)
   KAUST Saudi Arabia/US, plus 1 payload on suborbital test flight
   University of Sao Paulo, Brazil (2)
   Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences/The Science Project, Inc., Japan (7)
   NASA IV &V Facility, West Virginia (2 TubeSats;1 CubeSat) 
   Galaxy Global, 1 TubeSat, donated to NASA Educational Program
Quoth IoS: "Twenty additional projects with committed payloads are in various phases of arranging funding. These include academic, arts, private-sector, military, and corporate groups from the US, Peru, Mexico, Singapore, Chile, India, Hungary, Germany, Pakistan, New Zealand, the Dominican Republic, Holland, South Africa, and France. The list of those seeking passage on a dedicated launch grows daily."


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