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It takes a little bit of madness to work in the Smithsonian's Migratory Bird Center at the National Zoo. Dr. Nico Dauphine has it in spades.

Like often happens with zealots, love began to turn into hate.  And so cats must be dead.  Didn't she ever hear of the circle of life? While she was at the bird center, she was studying how domestic cats affect wildlife but she apparently got into home experimentation as well; she was busted putting rat poison into a bowl of cat food outside an apartment complex last March. 
Vermont Democrats want their constituents to know they are getting something done to protect Vernont jobs - they want to make it a felony to sell Maple syrup that is not authentic.

If you have lived in a place with Maple trees, you know the process; you stick a spigot in a tree when the winter thaw arrives and hang a bucket on it and delicious sugar water arrives.  Then you empty the bucket into a vat and create a ridiculous amount of carbon emissions boiling it down to a thick syrup.
Ol' man Sol doesn't just screw with Earthlings.  Earth got "epic" geomagnetic storms during the last few days, allowing southern states to see the Northern Lights, and now Mars is on the list.
Is sitting around with your friends and talking while you drink coffee too time-consuming?  Do you think that 5 Hour Energy Drink tastes creepy?

The folks at AeroShot have some good product news for you; inhalable caffeine.

Sure, the little lime-flavored puffs jolt you with 100 mg of caffeine, the same as a large cup of coffee, but they also throw in niacin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12.  If you like your herbal mental placebo, it is sweetened with Stevia.
The millenials, people who grew up with a robust Internet that does more than sell dog food, have a sense of entitlement about not paying for anything.  Heck, we get some people on Science 2.0 who object to even having an ad, and we have one-third the ads of every other large science site and no overlays or things they have to click through elsewhere.
A team of researchers that made headlines for decoding a secret society's 18th century manuscript, the Copiale Cipher,  is working to reveal the secret behind an even more mysterious book, one that the world has yet to decode or even know if it is anything but gibberish - the Voynich manuscript.
How a blend of titanium's alpha and beta crystalline forms makes a perfect match for bone tissue. But this 'Dance Your Ph.D.' entrant didn't have a video camera, so they took over 2,000 stills and made a stop-motion animation from them.

Microstructure-Property relationships in Ti2448 components produced by Selective Laser Melting: A Love Story from Joel Miller.

Non-mainstream religions and statements like 'spiritual but not religious' have all correlated to a shift in confidence away from mainstream religions.  While outright atheism is slightly more popular (which could be cultural acceptance of atheism making it more known) a la carte belief systems are much more so.  Bring on the ghost hunters, psychics and astrologers too.
Mystic tourism, the basis for William Burroughs’ The Yagé Letters, is becoming big business in the Amazon.
Sorry, guys, but it's been scientifically proven that a woman can now blame her anger and aggression on her genes. Scientific research found that some women are genetically programmed to be angry and aggressive by a serotonin receptor gene. The good news is that not every woman carries it.

What does this mean for you? Not only is anger and aggression in a woman the fault of her genetics, but it may be passed down to your daughters, too. Yikes.

Bad enough, but why are men so darn attracted to bitchy types?

Dr. Wendy Walsh has the answers at

It sounds perfect.  Turn garbage into energy. 

Proposals for new or expanded waste-to-energy (WTE) incinerators, which combust trash (i.e. municipal solid waste) to generate electricity and produce steam to heat buildings, are all the rage these days.  There's just one problem in this alternative energy; studies show they emit higher rates of lead, mercury, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide than the coal-fired plants we are told to hate.

We're already losing billions in taxpayer money on wasteful solar company placebos, let's not add hundreds of millions for these incinerators as well.
A calcium-to-zinc imbalance, yeast, dysbiosis, low zinc, heavy metal toxicity and abnormally high levels of aluminum, antimony, arsenic, cadmium, copper, lead, nickel, silver, tin, titanium and selenium.  You name it, and Dr. Anjum Usman diagnosed it regarding a child with autism

The treatments he used include dietary restrictions; nearly three dozen vitamin, enzyme, mineral and other dietary supplements; two antifungal drugs; four chelators or detoxifying drugs; a hormone suppressor, and hyperbaric oxygen treatments, in which the child is shut inside a pressurized bag filled with extra oxygen.

'Alternative treatments' that turn out to be uncontrolled experimentation on children? What a shock.
Conservative Republican Governor Bobby Jindal can't like why his state is in the news today; a Democrat state representative has spearheaded a successful effort to damage stores like...Goodwill?

District 44 Representative Rickey Hardy co-authored House bill 195, which says people who deal in 'second hand' goods can longer accept cash.   Why?  Apparently the government thinks the second-hand 'buying stolen goods' problem by Goodwill and pawn shops and other small businesses is so severe it needed to be legislated out.  Oh, and those flea markets are commonly regarded as real hotbeds of crime too.
Even fans who weren't born yet know about the Ice Bowl - the 1967 conference playoff game between Dallas and Green Bay to determine who would go to the Super Bowl. With a game-time temperature of −15°F and no heating system, the field was as smooth as ice and it snowed the whole time.

But Green Bay is not the worst city for football weather - and by worst I mean the best because football in the snow is just plain better.  If you are a football fan, you probably know what city is the worst; Buffalo, New York, which Jonathan Erdman of the Weather Channel gives a 'worst weather score' of 85.9, far ahead of Cleveland and Pittsburgh and Green Bay.
One in six cellphones in Britain may be contaminated with fecal matter that can spread E. coli, likely because so many people don't wash their hands properly after using the toilet, according to  researchers at the London School of Hygiene&Tropical Medicine and Queen Mary, University of London.

The findings also suggest that many people lie about their hygiene habits. The study authors went to 12 cities and collected 390 samples from the cellphones and hands of volunteers, who were also asked about their hand-washing habits.

Why compute Pi, that pesky mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, out to 10 trillion digits?  Because climbing mountains is hard and plenty of people have already done that.

But Pi?  No one else has done this.  ja0hxv wrote yesterday that he had reached that ridiculous number after starting on October 10, 2010 - but 191 days of actual computing time due to his machine crashing.  Luckily he had a modern computer.  If he even did one calculation per second on paper it would have taken him over 310,000 years.
Neuroscientist Bradley Voytek recently got asked why a person can't individually control their toes.  Well, I never thought about it before - I don't have great need to use individual toes in some prehensile fashion but perhaps that is only because I can't.

Voytek says the primary motor cortex is the issue and shows us all about Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) to boot.

Edward O. Wilson is arguably the world's most famous myrmecologist - he studies ants, but most people have not heard of myrmecology.  They may have heard of entomology and almost certainly have heard of evolutionary biology.

Wilson has long held that his study of ants can tell us about people and that hasn't been without controversy.  His acrimony with paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould, who likewise extrapolated his knowledge into the social working of mankind, never ended, even after Gould died.
We've all heard of politicizing science, like when tobacco companies cast doubt on the scientific evidence for a connection between tobacco and lung cancer or environmental groups try to cast doubt on the benefits of GMO foods.

But in the case of Yucca Mountain, the reverse happened: Government officials "scientized" politics. They made decisions that were largely political but cloaked them in the garb of science.
Paul Allen knows a thing or two about computers; he built the company that is the definition of the operating system for modern PCs.

He's as optimistic about the power of technology and its ability to shape culture as anyone can be but, like us, he is more skeptical that it will translate into actual human evolution.  Like us, he notes that Ray Kurzweil's Law of Accelerating Returns is just an optimistic black box based on a 'law', like Moore's Law, that is not a law at all, it is simply matching past topology to an idea and extrapolating it into the future.