The anti-biology community that has created the Big Organic $29 billion corporate juggernaut is not as creepy as the anti-vaccine community who distrust medical science - anti-vaccine people want your kids to be experimented on so theirs can stay safe from the evil 'toxins' in vaccines, after all - but they can still be pretty heavy-handed.

Their hippie ancestors distrusted government but the modern kind loves it and wants government to regulate everything, including the world view of people and choices they might want to make. Proposition 37 was one weird effort from 2012 but it wasn't the only one.  We discussed calling food an addiction and efforts by a Big Tobacco lawyer to do the same thing against food companies.

Yet we seem to have missed a bunch.  The Center for Consumer Freedom is on the case, detailing five of the big ones in Part One and five in Part 2. Below is a sample.

Cap and trade?  For sugar?  Yes, indeed, making legal sugar expensive is certain to create a new breed of criminals and, they note, a whole bunch of rich Canadians, just like the previous social authoritarian Temperance Movement did. And if banning Big Gulps don't make you thin, maybe banning buffet restaurants will. Sodas should be prohibited for children under age 17, according to one effort - I'd agree with that for raw milk or raw sprouts or anything else we know is going to poison people but blaming Coca-Cola for obesity is as silly as blaming Big Utensil for making spoons.

Perhaps, since individuals can't control themselves, government needs to regulate hamburger sizes.  Or, goes one argument, ban large farms and make everyone a subsistence farmer.  Like they do in Mexico.
Sound crazy? When a guy's bio proudly highlights how many continents he has been tear-gassed on, you are not dealing with the world of the rational anyway.

The Worst Proposals in Anti-Food Activism - Center for Consumer Freedom