The mark of any great comic genius is being able to ridicule two groups at once and still be funny.  A few days back Dilbert took on homepathy and he got in some ancient kooks as well.

 If you are unfamiliar with homeopathy, take a look at that handy link.  No, it is not a link to Homeopathy magazine or anything like that but instead a link to all of the homeopathy articles on this site, in no particular order.    Homeopathy deals with supposedly curing ills but gets into odd hypothetical physics/chemistry to make it work, like water memory.

As I wrote in Homeopathy: Putting Your Money Where Your Science Is ...
A few hundred years ago, the Germans played a practical joke on the rest of the world; they invented a medical field based on the idea that you could cure a disease by using something that caused similar symptoms.

It is called homeopathy and some people still haven't caught on to the joke. Why do I say joke? It's medicine that relies on the "energetic imprint" of substances to provoke the symptoms they already have - they're often so diluted that not even a molecule of the original substance remains - and the more diluted, the more powerful the cure, they say.
Funny stuff, right?   I am no Scott Adams though.  Sure, Scott Adams has gotten a bad rap on here by some, because he will tweak global warming proponents and evolutionary biologists and anyone else he feels like ridiculing and humorists are only funny if they are ridiculing someone else but since he is not ridiculing White Republican Catholic Men raised in The South, the 5 demographics everyone in America regardless of alleged sensitivity can ridicule without any liberal guilt at all, I am safe from his barbs today.  So it's all good.

Ahhhhh, homeopathy and astrology punctured in under 50 words.  It really doesn't get any better than that.