Greg Critser started blogging here within a month after we opened the doors.  How did he hear of us?   I have no idea and neither does he but shortly after we started we were referenced by lots of well-known writers like Andrew Sullivan and Greg and many others.   

Originally he was 'testing out' material for a book on the mouse industry and laboratory testing.   A lot of mice were killed every year doing all manner of tests and it was interesting to him but a few months in he wrote The Rise Of The Methuselah Mouse, about mouse studies and anti-aging.   And that was interesting to everyone.

It was fascinating stuff and the first time I really paid attention to caloric restriction.  Two years later he has a whole book on the science and the claims of the anti-aging industry, Eternity Soup: Inside The Quest To End Aging(available at fine retailers everywhere, or at that link if you want us to make a nickel), and this morning he was featured on Wisconsin Public Radio with Joy Cardin.

If you go to the link above you can listen to it embedded in your browser or you can download it here but at least click on the link to show them some love.