The HRP-4C from the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Japan, a descendant of the HRP-4 humanoid robot that sent normal people into uncanny valley creepiness territory last year, can sing now.

Clearly catering toward Japanese men, this new fembot is a waif-like 5'2", looks really, really young and likely will have lasers or at least Vulcan cannons that come out of her arms in future models - you know, for fighting off the vampires who will be resurrected after an atomic apocalypse in the future that happens in every Japanese story these days.  


To do the singing, they replaced the older human voice mapped to facial movements with a synthesized robot voice imitating a human.   Is it good?  It's accurate, so if you can listen to that Fergie person in the Black Eyes Peas there's no difference in the level of technology to keep them both on pitch.   Fergie certainly dances better as you will see in the video below.

One clever enhancement pointed out by TechNewsDaily is breathing - software anticipates where a Human 1.0 would draw a breath while singing and the action and a subtle sound is generated.    

Is it creepy?  Sure, to normal men, but so is Lady Gaga.  

Here's the video, courtesy of Diginfonews in Tokyo: