As long-time readers know, we like to celebrate various holidays and events by making subtle changes to the site.    Sure, sometimes it involve ninjas taking over and writing our science but mostly it is more like sneaking in a logo and seeing who notices.

That doesn't mean all of them get used.    Our first logo, for example, was just something thrown together as a mockup so we knew where it would have to go.   It looked like something a programmer/me would put together:

Then we had a few revisions, by someone who knows what they are doing, and arrived at the one that eventually remained on the home page for some 18 months:

It's the bottom one on the left that was on Scientific Blogging V1, though we still use the top one in that graphic as our 'default banner' if new writers don't upload their own.    But then in October 2007, I was slightly bored and decided we would cast off our 'serious science' mien for the moment and I spent about 15 seconds creating a super special customized Halloween logo. 
This thing was wildly popular.  I mean, it was silly, people were even writing fan fiction about our logo.  It was that well liked.   So we started doing them for everything.    Most recently, we had our Earth Day logo. 

But that's not to say they all get used so I thought I would share some of the ones that are still in waiting.  Maybe they'll get to see the light of day after all.

Yep, Father's Day!   Obviously we would change it to be Fatherhood 2.0 or ScientificBreeding or whatever but it never seemed like a big enough holiday for people to get excited and write science about.    Halloween at least has debunking vampires.

and also, just because you didn't ask... 

Weather forecasting is already mostly made up and we couldn't think of any way to be more ridiculous than actual meteorology or animals telling us the future so other than slapping 2.0 on the end of 'groundhog', we were stuck at where to go next.

The great news?   These aren't the only ones - we have 3 or 4 of each of these designs.    But I am not going to show them all just yet.   But the first one of you to get a million pageviews in a month is going to get your very own holiday.  Logo included.