The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is continuing its long-standing policy of defending dead animals by exploiting live human women.

Well, clearly it works, since I am giving them free publicity by hammering on their lack of ethics in my blog once again, but at least this time it is not about their being anti-science crackpots or killing animals they say they want to protect, it is about about their annual effort to make vegans sexy by objectifying attractive women in their Sexiest Vegan Next Door contest.

PETA has been giving away these Sexiest trips to pretty people since 2004 but now you can't be just vegetarian, you have to be vegan, which is a higher-order of nonsensical, non-evidence-based diet fad-ism. The winner will get a trip to Hawaii, where natives will roll their eyes when asked what vegan choices they have while you admire the giant pig roasting at the luau - but you can roll your eyes back when they insist you spell it Hawai'i and they call you Haole and blame you because they are a wealthy tourist state instead of being Guam.

All politics is local and PETA is pure politics so I will note a local connection. Mrs. Delaney Page, formerly of Folsom, is one of 10 female finalists. I learned that courtesy of the Folsom Telegraph. Good job, folks. I was going to write about black holes this morning and I get to kick around PETA instead.

Mrs. Page, now living in Florida, says that vegan meals allow her to play soccer several times per week.  I am hopeful the English Premier League hears about this. It could revolutionize their fitness regimen.  Actually, I hope Lionel Messi does not hear about this, he is already ridiculously good. 

Back to business; Mrs. Page is certainly pretty but PETA advertises that  "On average, vegans are fitter and trimmer than meat-eaters are, and that makes them sexier, too," according to PETA Associate Director of Campaigns Lindsay Rajt.

Far be it from me to dissuade PETA from damaging the self-esteem of women by declaring their worth is only correlated to how thin they are, but the headshot for Page above is not making that case. And being pretty is not enough to offset the creepiness and mental health concerns that come attached to fringe anti-science beliefs about biology.  So vote for Delaney if you want but Natasha at least shows she is as fit as lots of meat-eating women:

And Annie gives you side boob and has a tramp stamp and that has to merit consideration: