PETA, People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals, doesn't always make sense.  They protest objectifying dead fish, for example, by objectifying live women.  Actually, they show more naked women than Playboy, their marketing campaigns are littered with exploited females.(1)

Now they are critical of the US Army, but not for hurting fellow humans. Rather, for hurting goats.

War is messy, brutal business.  In a perfect world, there would be none.  But things happen, even if for different reasons.  In Iraq, for example, war was unjustified neo-con imperialism (because Democrats had a Republican president) but is necessary wholesome support of freedom-loving protesters to support democracy now, when Democrats have a Democrat president. In all cases it involves blood and death.  That means medics have to undergo battlefield trauma training before they arrive.

PETA's never-ending campaign to use naked women as part of politics.

You can train in a simulator, of course, just like you can train on anything, but it is a far cry from the real thing, despite what Oliver Stone thinks because he was in Viet Nam. Before the real thing happens, you have to get as close as possible and so infantry soldiers have live-fire exercises.  Medical personnel have their own ways. Army medics with the 14th Combat Support Hospital participated in Brigade Combat Team Trauma Training at Ft. Benning, Georgia on July 16th-20th and they worked on goats, actual people not being available.

PETA was not concerned that the animals were not treated ethically - the 'E' in their name - they instead claimed they were mistreated and "participants hacked off live goats' limbs with hatchets and tree trimmers and cut the animals apart with deer-skinning knives. According to the whistleblower, some goats were "screaming for their lives" during this ordeal—a clear indication that they were conscious and able to feel pain,” according to the anonymous (naturally) source.

Army medics get tree trimmers as part of their kits?  I knew the military budget was generous but that seems excessive. Someone get fiscal hawk Senator Tom Coburn on the phone.  He is worried soldiers don't get enough bullets while money is wasted on Farmville studies so if it turns out medics are getting tree trimmers he is going to go through the roof.

They issued a complaint to the U.S. Department of Agriculture and with Major General H. R. McMaster, commander of Fort Benning. What authority would the USDA have over the military?  Not sure what PETA was thinking there. The best way to annoy a general is to make him think you think the USDA can tell him what to do. They cited, as evidence it must be true, an incident from somewhere else, showing that they went to the Dan Rather school of journalism logic.

Regardless, the Army takes this stuff seriously.  The Army Medical Department does not give a hoot about what a general at Ft. Benning thinks, they are their own command so they are not being intimidated by anyone.  They determined the anonymous source was making it up, there were veterinary personnel onsite to ensure the animals were treated humanely, under general anesthesia during the entire event, and that proper methods were used.

It's not pleasant but nothing about food or war is. Live tissue training is an important part of battlefield trauma expertise and PETA may claim that animals deserve some special treatment but plants scream too.  So why PETA hates them and wants to see more of them die is as much of a puzzle as why they hate women.


(1) More naked hippies for your enjoyment.  If PETA objectifies women, so can you: