Two posts in one weekend?  I am such a science blogger.

But this one doesn't count because it is just an update on some new features we have added in.  Slowly, but surely, we are creating the greatest science community on the planet.   Last time I talked about adding in our Corkboard, which is kind of like Facebook's Wall and Twitter combined into one easy interface anyone can grasp.   Since only your friends see it, it's a way to share links or short commentaries that don't merit a full blog or article, or to leave a comment that doesn't go on an article.  If you have me on your Friend list, you can see mine here (below the Friend avatars).

What, you didn't know you have a Friend list?   You do, and you can add people to it by going to their Profile and clicking

though knowing you were on someone's Friend list was something of a crap shoot.    So we fixed that.   Now you will get a notification when someone adds you to their Friend list.    It will be by email (which you can disable by going to Dashboard/Preferences) and look like this:

It's that easy.   From there you can check out their Profile or add them back.   If you are 'mutual' friends you can chat and do Corkboard, etc. so it's handy at times.

The other feature we added (back) in is a Track button for comments.   An article may interest you and you want to be notified of comments even if the person is not a member or on your Friend list.   The Track button makes that possible.  Once you click it (and until you click the big red X) comments will show up in your Comment Tracker.

Up this week; finalizing the Writer Index and adding back in email notification for anonymous people and for members if they get comments or replies to comments.