Imagine if Big Ag industry lobbyists created a special section inside the US Department of Agriculture, where they got to define what artificial additives would go into their products and who could check their food for accuracy in labeling, all while claiming a special "health halo" for their products. Most people would object.

The $100 Big Organic industry doesn't object, though. 

The National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) does just that for them, and it is why there is no quality assurance for organic food and no surprise spot testing to make sure organic farming is actually organic, much less safe. Thanks to organic food lobbyists insisting on a special lack of USDA oversight, anyone can fill out some paperwork and slap on an organic label and enjoy the higher profit margins.

I have been baffled as to why more farmers don't switch to organic, for the profit margins alone. It's just some paperwork and changing from one toxic pesticide to another, and the higher margins make up for the lost yield. However, I am not baffled that more organic farming has meant more recalls - and that is because Big Organic does not want to have testing the way regular food does. And we can thank organic lobbyists for putting our health at risk because now there are a lot more recalls for organic food.

Data from USDA and the FDA show that organic food products have accounted for 7 percent of all food units recalled so far this year, compared to 1 percent in 2013. Salmonella, listeria and hepatitis A are not exclusive to organic food, just a lot more common. When you use manure for fertilizier and dupe your customers into thinking you use no pesticides, so the food needn't be washed, they are going to consume feces.

The Organic Trade Association, not the Organic Consumers Association which funds US Right To Know smear campaigns against scientists but rather than one that tries to block organic food from having normal USDA oversight, very much does not believe consumers have a "right to know" about all of these organic food recalls. They insist the recalls are only up 500% from two years ago.

Obviously that could be due to better testing, which Big Organic also objects to implementing.

Thanks, organic farming, for making us all safer and healthier and more ethical.