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California Fires: Where There's Smoke There's PM 2.5 Junk Science

As I write this, our local school is closed due to concern about smoke inhalation. Other parts...

Why Activists Changed Their Tunes On Dams And Reservoirs

Dams keep the boom and bust of flooding from being too severe, they prevent water shortages, they...

RIP Dr. Herb London: A Fine Conservative, A Great Man

In late 2014 I came downstairs from my home office and said to my wife, "Herb London just left...

If You Hate Trump Thank...1960s Canadian Urban Planning Policy?

A new analysis links urban planning decisions - the freeways and local schools outside cities...

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Be careful how you cite. Apparently the Scienceblogs guys got busted for using images that were copyrighted.

When white Americans were asked in a new study to pick a dollar amount they would have to be paid to live the rest of their lives as a black person, most requested less than $10,000. A minor thing.

In contrast, study participants said they would have to be paid about $1 million to give up television for the rest of their lives.

This would seem to state that white people don't think being black is such a big deal in 2007. Not the case at all, says Philip Mazzocco, co-author of a new study study and assistant professor of psychology at Ohio State University's Mansfield campus. Instead, he says the results suggest most white Americans don't truly comprehend the persisting racial disparities in our country.

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