Here’s a nice post about dietary puzzles in which a group of people who should have a high or low rate of heart disease don’t. For example,

Spanish paradox. Those naughty Spaniards are eating more fat and less carbs and getting LESS heart disease, now there’s a surprise. Good thing their medical system is so marvelous.

Sri Lanka paradox. In Sri Lanka they eat <25% calories from fat and still get lots of heart disease. Tut tut.

I have blogged about the Israeli Paradox. These paradoxes go away, the author notes, “when you realize saturated fat is not the cause of heart disease.”

Elsewhere on his blog he discusses studies that found that eating less fruits and vegetables improved health. Thanks to Dave Lull.

Not unrelated to all this, Ken Carpenter, a co-author of mine and an excellent speaker, is giving a talk next week in the Nutrition Department at UC Berkeley titled “When Nutritionists Go Wrong”. It is on Wednesday, December 19, 2007, at 4:10 pm Room 114 Morgan Hall. Ken has written wonderful books and articles about the history of nutrition and I am eagerly awaiting this talk.