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Swimming In The (astro) Pacific

As a newly minted, 1 year old professor, this is the deep end of the astronomy edu cation pool...

The Phantom Of The Laboratory

We are fortune here at Science20 to have come across an early work by Gaston Leroux.  This...

Engineering Roleplaying

Hey, you got simulation in my roleplay! Hey, you got roleplay in my simulation! Wait, it's two...

Stars That Ring Like Bells

Time to ring in a new year with pressure waves.  We can see, but not, hear true sonic waves...

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As I bask in media attention for my Project Calliope, it's worth noting I'm not the only Antunes getting media coverage in the space/IT world.  This is one story of 'the other Antunes', and of NASA's Spacebook.

NASA created an internal social network called Spacebook.  As with any social media project that makes it past its first year, it has morphed from its original intent into a compromise of various agencies. But what was its original point, its creation story?
I gave you my media secrets on how to get interviewed by NPR.  Now that I've heard the final cut of the Project Calliope segment, I can look at 'was it worth it'?  Short answer: absolutely yes!  I deem the NPR Project Calliope segment successful. It started a half hour into the program and ran a full 10 minutes and did not making me look like an idiot!  Yes, I have simple criteria for media exposure.
Ever want to be interviewed by big time media?  I'll tell you the two secrets to getting your message out.  I'll be talking about the Project Calliope extreme DIY satellite project on NPR's "All Things Considered" this Saturday (July 24), sometime after 5pm.  And while I honestly have no idea what the final edit will sound like, I'm insanely pleased to have been invited.

How did I get on NPR?  How can you?  I will tell you the 2 secrets I've learned to getting noticed by the media.
Up today is my 365DOA podcast, , Your Head is Jupiter.   It's a new variant on a standard bit I use in classrooms, only it's much cooler because IT USES A COMPUTER!  (woo!)

In it, you get to make a solar system at your desk, using your monitor as a sun.  You also get to lick your monitor, if you like.  Visit the link and either read the transcript or (gasp) actually listen to the podcast.

Just a quickie here. So I'm reading a comic book, Marvel's "Ultimate Galactus". In it, a godlike being named (in Kree... not Cree, but Kree) Gah Lak Tus is attacking the Earth, sending superpowered agents to destroy our only rocket by which humans might escape.

It's supposed to be present day, not the far future. Yet here's what they ask us to believe. There's an army of invisible custom-designed aliens including 'killforms', mutated clones, an alien Kree with a power suit that fits into a single armband, faster than light travel. The aliens destroy the NASA rocket. NASA says they can roll out the new one in minutes, if the heroes-- who can fly under their own power-- can just hold off the invisible superpowered aliens and their clone army long enough.
Ever wonder what the future of space tourism will be? This series of posters (from the same collection as last week's spaceport illo) in neo-retro style clearly presents your options.