I gave you my media secrets on how to get interviewed by NPR.  Now that I've heard the final cut of the Project Calliope segment, I can look at 'was it worth it'?  Short answer: absolutely yes!  I deem the NPR Project Calliope segment successful. It started a half hour into the program and ran a full 10 minutes and did not making me look like an idiot!  Yes, I have simple criteria for media exposure.

The entire Calliope interview by Audie Cornish is up on NPR, with a little teaser material.  The final cut was very focused on DIY culture (as opposed to science or the new space race).  It was so DIY-positive, it made me want to build a satellite in my basement, and I'm already doing that!

A a side question-- did it promote us?  In this, I found the limitation of edited (non-live) media.  For both the NPR segment and the Wired article, they edited out each and every 'namecheck'.  Not just mention of Science20.com, but even down to the mention of the project name, 'Project Calliope'.  Even though one question during the recording was specifically a 'tell us about your blog', that didn't make the cut.

From a mathematical point of view, we did about 30 minutes of recording and the final segment was 10 minutes, so they clearly cut 2/3rd of my material out of necessity. Ergo, I should have said "Project Calliope" or "Science2.0" in every sentences, right?  However, I think a large part is that they edit neatly and tightly.  So if a question is given, they cut any lead in or framing and get right to the 'pull quote'.

Or, it may just be a reporter's reaction to too many people thinking the media = marketing, so they edit to ensure the story, not the promotion, is emphasized.  I'm really not sure.  The segment was great PR for Interorbital Systems, though, as they were mentioned frequently.  I love the final edit, I think they really captured the spirit of 'anyone can launch a satellite now', and that's one of the themes that Project Calliope is trying to prove.

A google search for "Antunes Interorbital" gives a lot of good followup to the NPR/Wired coverage, so I think Project Calliope is well served by the coverage.  And it was fun!  I'd do an NPR interview again, in a heartbeat.


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