I was able to find the EYESPY Spydercam at Goodwill. Several hacks for it came to mind, but the simplest is attaching it to a remote control vehicle. I have an old Lego remote control car that’s been gathering dust so I decided to use it for this article. You can, however, attach it to any remote controlled vehicle you may have. I've attached it to the Popular Mechanics RC Tank--hint: use a rubber band to fasten the Spydercam to the battery block. You might not be able to find the RC Tank any more except on eBay. I've also attached it to the Snap Circuits Rover. The disadvantages of the Rover and RC Tank are that they are slow moving, but the advantage is the Spydercam sends back good video. The advantage of the Lego RC car is that it is fast, but the disadvantage is that the video is choppy as you’ll see in the video below.

Parts needed:

EYESPY Spydercam and video screen
Lego Radio Control Car and remote
1 Lego plate 6 x 8
1 Lego plate 1 x 2
1 Lego Technic beam 1 x 4
3 Lego Technic beam 1 x 6

The following video was shot using the Lego video car (WARNING: audio might be kinda LOUD since the Spydercam sits pretty close to the motors that drive the Lego RC car wheels).