Air Asia Black Box Located

Detik News reports that divers operating from the vessel KN Jadayat have located the black box from Air Asia flight 8501.

Sunday, 01/11/2015 19:26 pm
Divers from KN Jadayat Discover Aircraft Black Box In Crushed Wreckage
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Divers from KN Jadayat found the black box in the crushed fuselage at these coordinates  (Photo: via Google Maps)

Jakarta - Finally, a team of divers from KN Jadayat found the black box. But the black box was crushed into plane debris so it is difficult to remove.

"The black box has been located in the crushed airframe wreckage, the situation is very difficult for a team of divers in the process of raising it," said Team Coordinator of the Directorate General of Sea Transportation Ministry, A Tonny Boediono in a press release on Sunday (01/11/2014).

Tony explains, Navy diver teams who are in the vessel KN Jadayat, owned by  Ministry of Transportation Directorate General of Sea, managed to find the black boxes of Air Asia QZ8501 at the coordinates 03:37:21 S  109.42.42 E at a depth of about 30-32 meters. But their efforts have not sufficed to lift the black box containing the recording of events before the flight to Surabaya-Singapore fell.

"Due to time constraints, it was decided that the process of recovering the black box will be carried out tomorrow morning by shifting the airframe debris," he said.

However, if this recovery plan fails, then the team will attempt to lift the pieces of the fuselage using a balloon technique as practiced in the tail.

"To facilitate further work tomorrow morning the team has anchored a small Navy diver marker buoy previously prepared in KN. Jadayat," said Tony.

Previously, a 'ping' signal apparently from a black box was also received by the ship Baruna Jaya at 3 degrees 37 minutes coordinates 20.7 seconds latitude and 109 degrees 42 minutes 43 seconds east longitude, and by KM Java Imperia at 3 degrees 37 minutes coordinates 21 , 13 seconds south latitude, 109 overall degree 42 minutes 42, 45 seconds east longitude.

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