Damaged Goods Hypothesis Debunked? Study Says Porn Stars Have Great Self-Esteem
    By Hank Campbell | November 26th 2012 07:00 PM | 2 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments


    "and I have come to the conclusion that, while I find sexuality and eroticism as healthy as laughter, and as nourishing as good food, I believe hard core porn is desensitizing to the viewer and that it objectifies its performers. I am speaking from personal experience when I tell you that while many porn stars may look pretty on the outside, I have never met one who wasn't damaged by a business that makes it impossible to think of its "stars" as human at all"

    -Traci Lords, Traci Lords: Underneath It All (her autobiography)

    That was a long time ago, and she was underage so clearly the industry was different. Sociology/psychology pieces are self-reported surveys, not science.  The women could be making it all up. The average career is short for a reason, though.