What's the environmental equivalent of those emails that ask you to stick it to oil companies by not buying gas on a Tuesday?   Earth Hour.  Started in 2007 as sort of a well-meaning placebo (think carbon credits, without having to spend any money) it has technically spread to 130 countries but the participation - people who shut off their lights from 8:30-9:30 p.m. last night - has dropped significantly, even though they claim a billion people participated (like Million Man March and Iraq war protests, knock 80% off claims).

Naturally, they are framing the issue differently in light of the fact it doesn't really save much energy.   Now Earth Hour shouldn't be judged based on how much energy it saves, said PR person for non-profits Mark Sarner.    Its real goal is to send a message to policy-makers that people care about climate change.

Really?  This is as baffling as Al Gore holding funding drives last year to raise money for 'awareness'?  Does anyone really think anyone is unaware about climate change by now?

It's a feel-good for people who don't want to do anything tangible except be an annoyance for their kids.