Einstein's Love Letters And More Go Online
    By Hank Campbell | March 19th 2012 09:46 PM | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
    The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which owns Albert Einstein's papers, is pulling never-before seen items from its climate-controlled safe, photographing them in high resolution and posting them on the Internet.

    Since 2003, 900 manuscript images have been posted online but a grant from the Polonsky Foundation UK, which previously helped digitize Isaac Newton’s papers, is going to make all 80,000 items available.

    Want to read his love letters?  See a handwritten explanation of his theory of relativity and E=MC^2? His thoughts on fellow Jews even before Hitler rose to power?  It's all there. They also dispel another urban legend - that he did poorly in school - by publishing his grades.

    Einstem helped found the University and left his papers and rights to his image to the school on his death. 

    Give it a look: http://alberteinstein.info

    Never-before seen items from Albert Einstein’s archives to be revealed online By Daniel Estrin, The Associated Press