New York Times Style columnist Nick Bilton worries the Apple Watch might give you cancer, so he consulted...Joe Mercola.

Yes, that Mercola, the famous homeopath who has been fined by the federal government for making bizarre unsubstantiated medical claims that probably sound legit to osteopaths and residents of Marin County, California, but make no sense in the evidence-based world.

Even Vani Hari, The Food Babe, took down her goofy microwave oven post after her supplement-buying fan base objected to using him as a source...or because that article was really stupid, we can't be sure, but she took it down and it had Joe Mercola in it.

The New York Times invoking him was too much for Gawker writer Leah Finnegan, who asks Why Is the Times Quoting This Quack About the Danger of AppleWatches?

Why indeed. We have been asking for years. 

The folks at ACSH laud not only Gawker but Science-Based Medicine and Scienceblogs and, of course, us. So why the Times is not asking ACSH for evidence-based context instead of a known charlatan must remain a mystery.