Pres. Obama Reins In The EPA
    By Hank Campbell | September 2nd 2011 11:32 AM | 3 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
    In the 1980s, conservatives often sided with science while progressives demanded punitive actions regardless of benefit or even evidence of a detriment.  Alar, for example, was a head scratcher for anyone outside the environmental movement but Meryl Streep was clearly a science authority and so the media put people in a panic.

    In the 2000s, the tables turned.  Conservatives wanted nothing done despite the science evidence while activists had science on their side.   

    This decade, however, things have switched again.  Anti-agriculture, anti-vaccine, you name it and a progressive group is spending money advocating anti-science positions - and no one has been engaged in a bigger advocacy power grab than the government, which has been using the EPA and the FCC to kill what few jobs are remaining in America.  

    In the wake of dismal employment numbers, Pres. Barack Obama has decided the economy does not need any more vibrations so he scrapped controversial plans to add on even more smog rules,  telling Environmental Protection Agency chief Lisa Jackson to withdraw new regulations that an overburdened manufacturing sector didn't like, especially with a $90 billion price tag.

    With the jobless rate stuck at a historically high 9.1 percent, that is smart politics.   His fringe supporters will complain he is 'caving' to Republicans - but saying that makes Republicans seem like the party that cares about jobs and poor people so that is not wise. Pres. Obama needs to be a leader for all people.  Pres. Bush implemented much stricter
    ground-level ozone standards than the Clinton administration had but these new regulations were even tighter still and the actual benefit claim was more controversial.

    The fact is, regardless of what he does on sacred cow issues like hurting business to placate environmentalists, his only risk is that some of his base will not vote at all in 2012.  His supporters are never going to vote for a Republican so he can afford to 'move to the right' and perhaps resurrect a morose economic landscape before 2012.   His same-party detractors may complain but they can't honestly believe a Republican will be better for their positions so making concessions to get jobs moving again, like approving the Keystone XL pipeline and not adding more punitive laws with suspect benefit, is smart.


    Obviously, if he wants to be pro-business and let the economy become good before he imposes crazy restrictions that will kill it, he can drop the ridiculous National Labor Relations Board lawsuit against Boeing because they didn't open their plant in a union state.   The government is not supposed to be a hammer to force workers into union jobs, when we know they will go overseas if things get too punitive.

    2,000 jobs isn't a huge impact nationally but getting out of the way while a company creates those for free is more valuable to America than wasting $500 million for 1,000 jobs at a company that had no viability at all but was 'green' - and is now gone.
    Why impose thousands of clumsy and circumlocutory regulations like these smog regs or CAFÉ standards on businesses to control carbon emissions or fuel efficiency when a single, simple-to-calculate, simple-to-administer, revenue-generating carbon tax can get the job done?

    The best mechanism to control smog and increase efficiency is a simple, single-rate CARBON TAX. But the climate change crowd has bungled the sales job.

    But the LMAD plan can succeed where global warmers have failed.

    The LMAD plan uses a $600 billion/ year CARBON TAX not to fight global warming BUT to BUY off Liberals. And that’s just the start… LMAD also adds fully-funded Healthcare for every American, a public option health insurance entity, and the implementation of tax schemes frequently advocated by Liberals such as a “sugar” tax and a value-added tax. The LMAD plan even grants overnight amnesty of 10 million illegal aliens.

    THEN LMAD buys off Conservatives with much more than a balanced budget and limited government ; it permanently ends future illegal immigration with zero-tolerance, adds tort reform and completely replaces all taxes on production, labor, saving and investment with the new carbon tax, the value-added tax and the sugar tax. The LMAD plan even removes the burden of healthcare expenses from corporate balance sheets by ending our reliance on employer-provided health insurance.

    Energy efficiency? It's in there. Healthcare-for-All? It’s in there. Balanced budget? It’s in there. Carbon tax? It’s in there. Rational taxation? Amnesty? Border Security? Limited government? Social Security and Medicare solvency? It’s all in there; it’s all paid for and it’s all optimized for economic growth.

    It’s time for progressives concerned about rising temperatures and conservatives concerned about rising federal debt to realize the obvious: they need to BUY each other off in order to effectively address their pet ideological concerns-there is no other way. This means trading, among other things, a carbon tax for a balanced budget amendment and a more limited government. This plan is outlined at

    Wahla! Energy efficiency WITHOUT costly government regs.

    Plan Blog:



    Or just Google "LMADster" for more info.

    $600 billion a year for free??   Who could argue with free!    I like that I get something for nothing - stupid physicists are too narrow-minded to create perpetual motion but you went one step beyond and created perpetual economics.   It's brilliant.

    But why not $60 trillion, since it is all free and doesn't impact the economy besides an awesome benefit?  Are you just being modest?