In 1888, someone killed five prostitutes in London's Whitechapel district and came to be called "Jack The Ripper" - since then, everyone from Sherlock Holmes to officers on "Star Trek" have weighed in on who the killer might be.  The suspects are a Who's Who of people from the period because, apparently, it could just not have been some crazy, unknown sociopath, it had to be a member of Parliament or a famous writer.

John Morris has a new suspect - Lizzie Williams, the wife of the physician Sir John Williams (also a suspect), who he says killed the prostitutes out of anger over being infertile - a positively Freudian idea (Freud was also a fictional suspect). Despair over her condition is also what drove her to remove the wombs of three of her victims.

Not Lizzie Borden, though she would be a cool suspect too.  Link: Livescience

'Jackie' the Ripper: Was the Infamous Serial Killer a Woman? - LiveScience