World's Oldest Porn - 3,000 Years Ago And Bi-Curious
    By Hank Campbell | February 17th 2013 01:30 PM | 1 comment | Print | E-mail | Track Comments


    The ancient world is littered with images of...
    A couple of summers ago I was surprised to see erotic frescoes in the ruins of Pompeii, even though they were in a brothel.
    a Venus figurine worthy of Hugh Hefner,
    You mean something like this statue, which is from Pompeii's ruins but now on display in Napoli's National Museum. It's worth visiting in spite of the city's notorious thieves.*

    *my brother had warned one one of his colleagues who had to visit Naples for the first time for business not to approach city vendors. One offered him the latest Nikon SLR at a bargain price. He wanted cash and directed him to the nearest instabank. When he came back, the vendor had it all gift-wrapped for him. Upon returning to his hotel  and having ignored my brother's advice, he unwrapped his bargain and found nothing but salt in a box.