Lee M Silver Discusses Challenging Nature On My Podcast
    By Ginger Campbell | March 15th 2007 08:17 AM | 2 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
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    On the latest episode of my podcast, Books and Ideas , I talk with Lee M Silver about his recent book,Challenging Nature: The Clash of Science and Spirituality at the New Frontiers of Life. We discuss the confrontation of Faith and Biotechnology. His book is an in depth anaylsis of some of the key issues such as embryonic stem cell research and genetic engineering (including the genetic modification of crops). He also observes that faith in "Mother Earth" underlies those who tout organic farming and "natural" medicine over the use of biotechnology.

    I learned a lot from Dr. Silver's book and I appreciate his taking the time to be on my podcast. He has some great videos on his website and you can read his blog here on Scientific Blogging.



    I think I might be more into podcasting, if the wireless networks on the IU campus were actually easy to log on to.  I sorta wasted 300 dollars on a PDA that works everywhere except on IU campus, the one place I wanted to use it the most.  I think podcasting will really pick up speed, when there is some sort of global, easy to use, wireless infracstructure in place. 


    Surprisingly, the data indicates that about 60% if people still listen to podcasts at their computer. The PDA is not a podcast friendly device and the Zune doesn't support them either, despite its WiFi capabilities.

    I just returned from podcamp Atlanta , a meeting of pocasters, and I was surprised a the number who do not own iPods. I am guilty of imagining my listeners on iPods since that is where I listen most of the time. I have a PDA for work, but no need to go through the pain of trying to get podcasts on to it.


    Dr. Ginger Campbell


    Dr. Ginger Campbell