Big Crunch Beta Functions: The End Of The Universe Is Closer Than You Think
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    It could be in a billion years, it could start tomorrow, but physicists have long predicted that the universe may one day collapse, and that everything in it will be compressed to a small hard ball.

    Like a lot of things, it just takes a little mathematics to conclude that the risk of a collapse is even greater than previously thought.

    Sooner or later a radical shift in the forces of the universe will cause every little particle in it to become extremely heavy. Everything - every grain of sand on Earth, every planet in the solar system and every galaxy – will become millions of billions times heavier than it is now, and this will have disastrous consequences: The new weight will squeeze all material into a small, super hot and super heavy ball, and the universe as we know it will cease to exist.

    This violent process is called a phase transition and is very similar to what happens when, for example water turns to steam or a magnet heats up and loses its magnetization. The phase transition in the universe will happen if a bubble is created where the Higgs-field associated with the Higgs-particle reaches a different value than the rest of the universe. If this new value results in lower energy and if the bubble is large enough, the bubble will expand at the speed of light in all directions. All elementary particles inside the bubble will reach a mass, that is much heavier than if they were outside the bubble, and thus they will be pulled together and form supermassive centers.

    "Many theories and calculations predict such a phase transition– but there have been some uncertainties in the previous calculations. Now we have performed more precise calculations, and we see two things: Yes, the universe will probably collapse, and: A collapse is even more likely than the old calculations predicted", says Jens Frederik Colding Krog, PhD student at the Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics Phenomenology at University of Southern Denmark and co-author of the article. "The phase transition will start somewhere in the universe and spread from there. Maybe the collapse has already started somewhere in the universe and right now it is eating its way into the rest of the universe. Maybe a collapse is starting right now right here. Or maybe it will start far away from here in a billion years. We do not know."

    Yet it still merits an article.

    He and his colleagues looked at three of the main equations that underlie the prediction of a phase change - the beta functions, which determine the strength of interactions between for example light particles and electrons as well as Higgs bosons and quarks.

    So far physicists have worked with one equation at a time, but now the physicists from CP3 show that the three equations actually can be worked with together and that they interact with each other. When applying all three equations together the physicists predict that the probability of a collapse as a result of a phase change is even greater than when applying only one of the equations.

    The theory of phase transition is not the only theory predicting a collapse of the universe. Also the so-called Big Crunch theory is in play. This theory is based on the Big Bang; the formation of the universe. After the Big Bang all material was ejected into the universe from one small area, and this expansion is still happening. At some point, however, the expansion will stop and all the material will again begin to attract each other and eventually merge into a small area again. This is called the Big Crunch.

    "The latest research shows that the universe's expansion is accelerating, so there is no reason to expect a collapse from cosmological observations. Thus it will probably not be Big Crunch that causes the universe to collapse,"says Krog.

    Although the new calculations predict that a collapse is now more likely than ever before, it is actually just as possible that it will not happen at all. It is a prerequisite for the phase change that the universe consists of the elementary particles that we know today, including the Higgs particle. If the universe contains undiscovered particles, the whole basis for the prediction of phase change disappears.

    "Then the collapse will be canceled," says Krog.

    Several of his colleagues believe that the Higgs particle is not an elementary particle, but that it is made up of even smaller particles called techni-quarks. The Supersymmetry hypothesis predicts the existence of yet undiscovered particles, existing somewhere in the universe as partners for all existing particles. According to this theory there will be a selectron for the electron, a fotino for the photon, etc., which means that as long as anything is possible, there is hope that Supersymmetry is not dead.

     Published in the Journal of High Energy Physics.


    Woah that was confusing.

    Phase changes. Yes they are possible. But it has nothing to do with a "Big Crunch", more mass is not likely to appear from nowhere, though the fermionic towers that is matter may go poof in an instant.

    > After the Big Bang all material was ejected into the universe from one small area, and this expansion is still happening

    What. Big Bang means "the whole universe is hot everywhere"; there was no "small area". We ain't even sure whether it is infinite in all directions from t=epsilon.

    Several of his colleagues believe that the Higgs particle is not an elementary particle, but that it is made up of even smaller particles called techni-quarks. The Supersymmetry hypothesis predicts the existence of yet undiscovered particles, existing somewhere in the universe as partners for all existing particles. According to this theory there will be a selectron for the electron, a fotino for the photon, etc., which means that as long as anything is possible, there is hope that Supersymmetry is not dead.

    Technicolor is pretty much dead. Supersymmetry is different and they don't exist "somewhere in the universe". If they exist they exist in the LHC detector. Where evidence of the same is not particularly overwhelming.

    which means that as long as anything is possible

    If anything is possible, we are in Hollywood.

    God’s Science

    Erroneously, traditional science theorizes that all energy existing in the Universe converged in One Point with its own Space and that from this Single Point, about 14 billion years ago, the whole Universe had been created. Nevertheless, this theory is without foundations and destined to remain inconclusive. Its contradictions originate from Einstein's faulty conclusions and from the reverence shown by modern scientists who are too afraid to take a new stand that may not be "aligned" with the late scientist. Einstein believed that the Universe was like one closed Space and that one fixed number of atoms had always existed hence he did not believe that new atoms are constantly formed from waves. The Jewish scientist also believed the Space to be independent from the concept of Time. In this regard, his confusion may have originated from that word “Makom” which had been used in the Bible to define without distinction God and also Space as if this last one was also eternal and indivisible. Instead, any space (even the hypothetical original Point of energy) is always divisible. Each Space could be constantly split by one Movement that occurs at one Time. There are no Time and Movement if there is no Space. There are no Movement and Space without Time. There are no Space and Time without Movement. But if one of the three exists also the other two exist. If the Creation began from One Point existing in one Space prior to the Big Bang that same Point could not be the beginning of Time and Creator of All things. One Space before the Big Bang necessarily implies also the presence of a Time pre-existing that same event. Furthermore, one indivisible Point could not exist anyhow. In fact, the smallest Space could only be a sphere and even if the original Point of Energy (prior to the Big Bang) was infinitely small it could not have been a sphere. The sphere has a perimeter at the diameter but also smaller perimeters as we move upward or downward from the larger diameter. The concept of “infinitely small” precludes the possibility of smaller perimeters. The unimaginable Point, infinitely small (smaller than a sphere) and indivisible, if exploded would have spread its energy at once. The lack of Space in the indivisible Point infinitely small eliminates the possibility of Time and Movement for the Creation of the Universe. While, instead the Universe is created in Time. Thus, the Universe did not begin from One Space or from an indivisible Point (which does not exist). It is difficult for us to imagine the Creation also because God, as the First Source, caused the energy to expand but was never moved by any other preceding cause. The concept of causality existing in our World does not apply to God and Its Creation. In our World, life is a constant chain reaction. Everything we experience is the effect of a previous cause and also the cause for a new effect. In fact, we have no knowledge of any source that isnow moving and that was not previously moved by another source. But how can one "First Existence" evolve from nothing? Any existence (that we know of) lives always restricted within the three concepts: Time, Space and Movement. As, for example, at any moment in Time you occupy one Space during your life which is Movement. These three concepts always exist together, or else is the lack of existence in our dimension. Time, Space and Movement started simultaneously as God generated the so called Big Bang from one dimension of Stability and caused one Movement (Quantum mechanics) which symmetrically fragments and recombines all energy to form in Time one expanding Space: the Universe. Since the event of the Big Bang, the Universe is like One Mirror split into many small mirrors which are constantly joining and separating through this same Movement. Like in a big puzzle, every edge of each small mirror is symmetrically opposite and complementary to the mirror standing next on its side. Two contiguous small mirrors are attracted by this natural Movement and together they generate a new and third form of the same energy. This is how the Universe continues to expand in always new forms. God's Idea fragments Its energy to spread It in one Universe in constant expansion (dimension with Time, Space and Movement) and to fill the infinity of One Void (dimension without Time, Space or Movement). This is inconceivable for us which we live restricted by those 3 concepts. The Law of Attraction between two opposite and complementary elements is the single Universal Law that also provides for the existence of One Order in the Universe and that rearranges the symmetries of Its fragmented forms. All forms of energy in the Universe are orchestrated by a constant rearrangement of their magnetic fields as if they were the many pawns moved mechanically in One eternal Chess Game and by the same Hand. Quantum mechanics is God's instrument that constantly re-unites and re-separates all energy in order to Always create new forms. The concept "Always", so unreachable for us, is the endless bridge between one limited dimension (the Universe) and One Infinite (the Void). We can now define this constant recurrence as One Law, One Direction or also One Will since It remains forever unchanged. What is beyond the Universe and beyond Time? If it is true that we could count Time backwards 13 billion years or even 14 billion, why not also 15 billion? Before 14 billion years ago (and before the Space of the Universe) Time did not exist. What then? Stability. An unreachable concept for those who are made of energy.


    Please News Staff, not another piece of sensationalistic 'End of the world is near' catchy title for the naive masses.
    These are just mathematical games and you know it.

    Please be responsible and avoid unnecessarily depressing 'science' messages , what is the only thing that remains bouncing in the mainstream media..Thanks in advance for your help to avoid contributing to the public mess..

    John Duffield
    I wasn't fond of this. A gravitational field is an "energy-pressure gradient" in space that alters the motion of light through space. It alters the motion of matter too. But it doesn't suck space in.
    But John you should say "According to me..."

    Your ideas are not currently mainstream.

    But of course a gravitational field doesn't suck in anything. Everything stays naturally on the geodesic through 4 space.

    John Duffield
    Yatima: I don't present my ideas, I describe relativity as described by Einstein. Which is not currently mainstream. And if I might reiterate: a gravitational field will make a body fall down, but it won't make space fall down. The black hole "waterfall" analogy is nonsense, here on the Earth the sky is not falling in. And the universe didn't collapse when it was small and dense, now did it? So I'm afraid the above "hypothesis" is pseudoscience sensationalist woo intended to fool a gullible hack into promoting its authors.
    Why?? This shud not be aloud Icant sleep at night you roond my life u morons!!!