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Jorn Bettin
About Jorn Nothing beats capturing the knowledge flow of leading domains experts to co-create organisations and systems that are understandable by future generations of humans and software tools.

Jorn has pioneered value chain analysis methodologies, is leading the development of intuitive semantic technologies, has co-authored three books on Model Driven Engineering, and regularly speaks at international conferences.

Jorn specialises in managing the risks of developing data-intensive and software-intensive products. He has a hands-on background in product management and technology roles, and in the late 90s worked in methodology leadership roles at IBM.

Beyond understandable systems, Jorn has a strong interest in protecting the marine environment, which is currently threatened in most parts of the world by intensive fishing, pollution, and climate change. Jorn's home is in New Zealand, close to the ocean. He currently lives in Melbourne, and as far as possible tries to get out on the water at least twice a week.

Jorn works as the IBRS executive advisor for strategic risk management, operational excellence, and implementation of mergers & acquisitions.

Jorn stumbled into the world of software and semantics by studying mathematics. He has experience in visual symbolic modelling and linguistics, knowledge reconstruction, intelligent human machine interfaces, and semantics.

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