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About M. My undergraduate mentor was Elof Axel Carlson who is one of my dear friends. I finished my MB BS (AM) degree from a medical school in India. This allows me to practice as a physician in India where I am board certified in alternative medicine. This is the equivalent of the USA naturopathic physician license. Programs in India are typically 4 1/2 years involving Western basic science and clinical subjects (eg., physiology, anatomy, pathology, obstetrics & gynaecology, internal medicine, forensic medicine, toxicology). Physicians in alt. med in India perform clinical/physical examinations, order any medical test (eg., bloodwork, EEGs, ultrasounds, MRIs), and can make any medical diagnoses all on equal grounds as that of a physician of allopathy. Some of the methods of treatment used in alternative medicine which I prefer include- naturopathic medicine (botanicals, supplements, chelation), chiropractic (such as spinal adjustments), TCM (including acupuncture and minor surgeries) osteopathy (such as Osteopathic manipulative medicine or OMM, manipulative pelvic surgery, cranial osteopathy, obstetric osteopathy, visceral osteopathy) endocrinology (using bioidentical hormone therapy) BIHT (bioidentical hormone therapy) I believe the latter has an advantage over synthetic hormones for the management of endocrine conditions. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19179815 I am not interested in new age medicine which is seperate. http://www.ankerberg.com/Articles/new-age/NA0401W3.htm I have special interests in endocrinology and neuroscience. .
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