About Matthew T. Matthew T. Dearing writes The AmSci Journal at Dynamic Patterns Research (, which tracks exciting new opportunities for citizen scientists and reports on successful activities of amateur research around the world. He also pens Neuron News from Dynamic Patterns (, which provides reviews and commentary on the exciting developments in neurotechnologies. Matthew graduated from Illinois Wesleyan University with a BA in physics magna cum laude with research honors. His research involved developing new ways to organize matter on the micro- and nano-length scales, primarily using focused laser light called Optical Tweezers. In particular, he fabricated the first holographic (phase-modulating) optical element for use in an optical tweezer system using the Materials Research Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. After a summer internship at the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory, Matthew began his Masters in Physics work at Cornell University as an NSF IGERT Fellow in the Department of Physics. He helped to establish the new Excimer Laser Microfabrication Facility at the Nanobiotechnology Center and developed software for mapping neuronal growth on silicon chips to structurally characterize living neural networks as they interface for potential integration with computer circuits. Matthew also taught introductory physics, electronics, algebra and calculus at Cornell University, Wells College, and (his favorite) Tompkins-Cortland Community College. Also while in Ithaca, New York, Matthew and his wife, Michelle, started a paint your own pottery studio in Downtown Ithaca, and launched dot pottery, an online personalized pottery creative arts service where Michelle is the artist who sells her personalized designs to customers across the country. Soon after, they expanded with pyop At Home offering for the first time the very popular creative experience of paint your own pottery to anyone located anywhere in the United States. Currently, Matthew is a part of his family-in-law business, Denney Jewelers, where he works with managing the operations and finances, as well as designs original custom jewelry using sophisticated CAD/CAM design software, prototype wax milling and 3-D printing, and on-site casting. He thoroughly enjoys exploring the universe with his 8 year-old daughter, Elizabeth Noelle, and his 5 year-old son, Andrew Thomas.
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