Et Tu, Brute ?
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    Stabbed by his once most faithful man after many other blows received by the conjurors, Julius Caesar pronounced those words, according to reports, before falling to death.

    Now, is history repeating itself ? Paolo Guzzanti, once one of Silvio Berlusconi's best men, is an aggressive journalist who became a politician under king Silvio the II. Guzzanti always maintained some sort of twisted coherence in his reactionary positions and vitriolic approach to the political issues he handled -one remembers, for instance, his leading of the Italian Mitrokhin commission which tried to assess the veridicity of some files disclosed by a russian ex-spy. From Wikipedia:

    "In 2002 the Italian Parliament, then led by Silvio Berlusconi's right-wing coalition, the Casa delle Libertà, created a commission, presided over by Senator Paolo Guzzanti (Forza Italia) to investigate alleged KGB ties to opposition figures in Italian politics.
    The commission was shut down in 2006 without having developed any new
    concrete evidence beyond the original information in the Mitrokhin

    Guzzanti left the party of his boss not long ago, apparently in disgust for what he called back then "mignottocrazia", the power of the bitches. Those were the times when some recordings of conversations between Berlusconi and Mara Carfagna, "the most beautiful minister in the world" as german newspapers dubbed her, became public (outside Italy).

    Now Guzzanti really spills his guts. In his blog he talks about recorded conversations between some of the victims of the king's lust. Transcriptions of these recordings have been in the availability of several people now, and the content speaks a disgusting tale of abuses on women in search of a shortcut, during their stop at what has apparently become a required tribute for fulminating careers. From the site of the Italian magazine L'Espresso:

    «Io dico, e lo confermo, che le
    cose che mi sono state raccontate da più fonti (e io sono uno dei
    mille e più di mille raggiunto dai dettagliati resoconti di chi ha
    letto) sono assolutamente disgustose: rapporti anali non graditi,
    ore e ore di tormenti in attesa di una erezione che non fa
    capolino, discussioni sul prossimo set, consigli fra donne su come
    abbreviare i tormenti di una permanenza orizzontale pagata come
    pedaggio. I dettagli sono centinaia e non sono io che li nascondo,
    perché io sono soltanto uno cui alcuni lettori dei verbali (persone
    serissime, uomini e donne, tutti della stessa area di centro
    destra) hanno raccontato ciò che hanno letto, ovviamente con una
    massiccia concordanza dei dettagli stessi. Il giorno in cui un
    magistrato, lette queste mie parole, volesse interrogarmi per
    sapere da chi ho avuto queste relazioni e chi fosse il giornalista
    che ha fornito il materiale in lettura, farei il mio dovere e farei
    i nomi».

    Quick-and-dirty translation:

    "I say, and confirm, that the things that have been told me by several sources (and I am one of the thousand and more than thousand reached by detailed accounts from whom did read) are absolutely disgusting: unwanted anal sex, hours of torments waiting for an erection that does not arrive, discussions on the next set, advice between women on how to shorten the torments of a horizontal permanence paid as a tribute. There are hundreds of details and it is not me who hides them, because I am only one of those to which some of the readers of the transcripts (honourable persons, men and women, all from the same area of center-right) have told what they read, obviously with a massive concordance of the same details. The day a judge, reading these words, wants to question me to know from whom I received these relations and who was the reporter who gave away the reading material, I would do my duty and make the names."

    Guzzanti is disgusted, and he speaks in his blog of mignottocrazia: as L'Espresso reports,

    "confessa di aver lasciato Berlusconi anche «per il suo atteggiamento puttaniero
    di disprezzo per le donne, tutte le donne, essendo un gran porco e
    una persona che ha corrotto la femminilità italiana schiudendo
    carriere impensabili a ragazze carine che hanno imparato solo
    quanto sia importante darla alla persona giusta al momento giusto,
    sollecitate in questo anche dalle madri, quando necessario. Quest'uomo ai miei occhi corrompe la gioventù e mina le basi della società
    minando il rispetto nei confronti della donna».

    Q&D translation:

    [PG] confesses of having left Berlusconi also "for his attitude of despise of women, all women, being a real pig and a person who corrupted Italian feminility disclosing unthinkable careers to cute girls who learned only how it is important to give it away to the right person at the right moment, prompted in this even by their mothers, when necessary. This man to my eyes corrupts the young age and corrodes the bases of society mining the respect toward women."

    No comment. I totally agree that Italy has become a place where young pretty girls have been reached with the strong and clear message that to become famous, make a fortune, take a shortcut, the way of using their looks is the best way. But not just that, which is not a secret anywhere in the world. They have learned that it is a morally acceptable thing, because success in life is all what matters. This, I think, is the worst damage.

    So, is Julius Caesar falling at the end ? He sure is attached to power like few others, but pushes and pulls are coming from too many directions now. The other day, one of his daughters, Barbara, gave an interview to Vanity Fair, where she admitted that a public statesman should have no right to make a distinction between private matters and public life. The war on the money of dad has begun, and the five sons and daughters of Silvio Berlusconi -three from his second marriage with now ex-wife Veronica Lario- are starting to send around messages that they will not accept a unfair deal. More worries for king Silvio.


    Could be a catchy platform for his next opponent: women won't have to wait so long for an erection.

    LOL! Good one, thank you. I think we are not far from that kind of political propaganda in Italy any more. The faithful ally of Berlusconi, Umberto Bossi, used to say "La lega ce l'ha duro" (Lega has it hard). We will see what happens...
    I fail to see why you still seem to be surprised by all this Berlusconi love life stuff. (Ok, I don't, but you get the idea.)
    You judge the guy as a prime minister, but above anything else he is and always has been a successful businessman having the kind of love life that is socially acceptable for his kind. Society expects artists, but not the neighbours, to dress funnily. It expects rock singers, but not the neighbours, to abuse drugs. It expects successful businessmen, but not the neighbours, to hold and practice diminutive, sexist, meritocratic sexual notions a great amount of their time.

    Tulpoied, I am not surprised, but horrified by the damage this guy has caused to Italy on several different grounds. He is not a businessman once he enters politics. He is a leader, and behaving like a sex maniac for a leader is not acceptable. A public statesman does not have the right of a private life, and this is as easy to understand that even her daughter Barbara acknowledged it...

    I was being ironic of course (although I do believe that politicians shouldn't be judged by their private life -- as long as it doesn't interfere with their work).

    (Btw the number of comments doesn't get renewed on your main page in Mozilla 3.0, I hope new posts are not missed as well.)

    "They [Italian girls] have learned that it is a morally acceptable thing, because success in life is all what matters. This, I think, is the worst damage."

    But isn't Italy the world's stronghold of the Catholic faith and morality? Surely those girls who get up to mischief just to be with someone famous or powerful are just those who feel insecure and lack self-esteem? If it's a general problem, I'll give up my effort to learn to speak Italian.

    Nige, these girls do not "get up to mischief" just to "be" with someone famous or powerful. They do it as a shortcut for a career, money, a nice job. The fact that it has become systematic and it is been accepted socially is the thing that makes this a real damage.

    Hi Tommaso,
    I think that the correct translation of "mignottocrazia" would rather be "the power of the whores". Bitch means literally a female dog and figuratively "a woman whom one dislikes or considers to be malicious or unpleasant" (from the Oxford Dictionary of American English). Mixing "bitch" and "whore" is a typically Italian thing, presumably because "son of a bitch" in English is used more or less in the same way as "figlio di mignotta" in Italian. But perhaps some native English speaker will contradict me. Cheers, Ptrslv72

    It's hilarious that when Bill Clinton was caught engaging in this kind of thing, the Europeans sniffed about American puritanism. Now it turns out --- hold onto your hats, this is going to be a real big shock!!! --- that Berlusconi prefers young and fresh women to old and dried up ones. Incredible! Shocking! Such depravity! And in Italy of all places!!!!

    Who are the puritans now?

    To the anonymous above,
    Berlusconi may prefer young flesh and this is entirely his business. However, it becomes the Italian voter's (and taxpayer's) business when he rewards sexual services with electoral seats, or when he (or his coalition) tries to impose on all Italians laws based on narrow concepts of catholic morality that he is disregarding in the first place. Cheers, Ptrslv72