Live Blogging On July 4th - Tune In Here !
    By Tommaso Dorigo | June 22nd 2012 02:21 PM | 3 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
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    CERN announced today (slightly preceded by Physics World) that the LHC experiments will present updates of their searches for the Higgs boson on July 4th. I will be there, blogging from the main auditorium at CERN in real time. By the way, since I just linked Physics World  for this, note that the site also has a piece relevant to the recent discussions on the allegedly detrimental value of rumors...

    If you will be reading this blog at the right time (9AM CEST - in the night for the US, unfortunately) you will be able to follow the news almost as if you were hearing the streams - with the added bonus that I will be explaining what things really mean ! I promise I will answer to the best of my knowledge every meaningful question you ask in the comments thread of the developing post in close to real time.

    Of course I am very excited to hear what ATLAS will show. I do not yet know precisely what CMS will show either, but in any case it will be a major event. Don't miss it !



    are you at CMS sure in all the HIggs channels that you analyse, that it is a spin 0 particle? Or could it be a spin 2 particle as well?

    Dear Giorgio,

    what ATLAS and CMS do in their Higgs boson searches is to assume the spin of the Higgs to be as dictated by the SM, i.e. 0, as well as a lot of other properties. If these properties are different, the search may or may not find something, depending on how much the different properties change the experimental signature. But we do search for gravitons and other things as well.

    That's great -- will look forward to reading your insights even as the results are presented.