Things everyone should know about real black holes in  comparison to fictional black holes.  Most importantly they don't suck things into them.   

Black holes do not suck everything in like some kind of vacuum cleaner.   A mini black hole like the one created by Springfield's collider would start out with the mass-energy of two sub atomic particles.  Gravitationally it would not be more attractive than those particles were, which is not at all.  

They don't float.  However they can have an effective surface charge and if rotating a magnetic field.  (These are called Kerr-Newman black holes.)   

Last but not least, they don't stick around long enough to do anything.  Stephen W. Hawking,  as Homer once called him "that wheel chair guy", figured out that black holes radiate particles.  As they radiate they evaporate.  The smaller the black hole the faster it evaporates.  A tiny black hole will disappear almost as soon as it's created.  

I must add, they did a pretty decent job with time travel and alternate universes.