The Science Of Orgasms
    By Cash Simpson | May 15th 2007 02:00 AM | 22 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
    I read an article in Men's Health talking about how women get aroused during exercises.

    Specifically, hanging leg raises. "Coregasm" they called it, because some women can, apparently, have an orgasm while doing these exercises.

    Aside from the fact that it's a really cool term, I was a little jealous. Men need to do some real work to climax. Sure, we all know women have it easier in that regard, much like they have it easier than men in all aspects of life, but women can get off while exercising now? As if they need any more advantages. Anyway, I had never heard of it and I have dated some fit women, including a few for whom I am certain sex was just another way to "feel the burn." I never had one tell me she could could get off while lifting weights though.

    So I decided to do some investigating. As most of you are aware, I am something of an expert on female orgasms, and not just because my intellect and humor are the causes of more web-based rubouts than Brad Pitt and George Clooney combined. It's also because I do the research. You'll recall I wrote an article on whether the Theta waves in female orgasms would kill men and I even reverse engineered the female orgasm including how a calibrated vaginal stimulator works, for those of you unlucky enough to have never dated a scientist.

    So I am the perfect person to answer this question for you. It turns out there may be some science in this, though I think most female orgasms usually involve a combination of alcohol and magic.

    First, we have to know why some women don't have orgasms to know why some do.   A lack of orgasms during intercourse with non-scientists is quite common - around 50% of women don't have them that way. Most studies agree that orgasms correlate to the contraction strength of the pubbococcygeus, or PC muscle. Women who don't have orgasms tend to have weak PC muscles.

    The pubbococcygeus muscle is surrounded by four other pelvic muscles but they work as a system. A healthy PC muscle, the kind a woman who does a lot of ab exercises or hanging leg presses probably has, is very rigid while a weak one is not.(1)   A strong PC muscle makes these orgasms much easier.

    That means a woman with a strong PC muscle can have an orgasm almost any time this muscle is stimulated. Abdominal exercises, friction from clothing, reading this article.

    But why would it be limited to just the gym? I thought. "Coregasms" are fine but truly fit women can do it anywhere.

    Watching An Inconvenient Truth, for example, might give them a "Gore-gasm."

    Standing outside Tiffany's? A "Store-gasm."

    Graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows? A "Smore-gasm."

    Women have it so easy and I could go on all day. But you have other things to do and I need to go buy a trampoline with all of the money this research is going to make me.

    Miss Earth 2006 is enjoying her Goregasm even now.


    (1)  Men, I would rather light a candle than curse your darkness - if you want to help her, the PC muscle is located about 2 inches within the vagina and runs circularly. Bonus: it contains most of the nerve endings in the vagina and is the primary source of sexual feeling, so even you can't mess this one up.


    Cash, I have strong PC muscles, yet have not mastered the art of acheiving "coregasms." Perhaps we can have a private lesson. I will also give you an opportunity to demonstrate your scientifical talent--that is, allow you to convince me why I should retire my calibrated vaginal stimulator.
    I had to get a special waiver from Lady Scientist to participate in the Calibrated Vaginal Stimulator study and just my presence caused one girl's vagina to explode so I am pretty sure I am not allowed to be involved in any more. This place is chock full of scientists, though, so you can always find one to go to the gym with you. For science.
    I am not interested in other scientists. I want you!
    seriously try the hanging leg raises! The only reason I am even reading this article is because I just had one at the gym doing hanging leg raises so when I got home I had to google it. Might I add my core muscles are not very strong at all. The weird thing was there was no friction, there was absolutely nothing touching my jayjay. my pants werent rubbing nothing i even spread my legs apart just so it might stop which just made it better haha. Well I guess theres my motivation to getting a 6 -pack wooohooo

    I read an article about the female coregasm and it did not surprise me because I discovered this myself when I was about twelve. I am one hundred percent Male. I was actually able to climax while performing pull-ups by simply spreading, raising my legs while at the same time engaging my core muscles, all while hanging from the pull-up bar. Out of curiousity, I recently tried this again, I am now twenty six years old, and surprise! It still works!

    I've search the web but have yet to find any articles on the male "coregasm".

    I can't be the only one.


    I was actually able to climax while performing pull-ups by simply spreading, raising my legs while at the same time engaging my core muscles, all while hanging from the pull-up bar. 
    I am thinking that towelling off the equipment is not quite enough.
    +1 more male

    I had a religious upbringing and was a virgin until mid twenties and not very familiar with sexual feelings - so you can imagine how weird it was for me to have my first orgasm in a body conditioning class at college. And then again at the gym doing sit-ups, and press ups! Now I can't do press ups or some other excorises without being stimulated which is really annoying (yes -it is!) as I want to get fit and this isn't helping. It's distracting and not always pleasant! I have a personal trainer so it can get quite embarrassing and I have to stop what I'm doing.

    Well Albert the same thing happens to me. I had experienced it on a ab crunch machine at the gym many years ago. Then this morning the ab roller gave me one. I'm a 50 years old male. Interesting....must be stimulating the the right nerves. It is very weird to have the big O and to ejaculate without an erection.

    Guys definitely get coregasms as well. Do your search again and read the comment threads. Every one will have a guy on there saying "Hey, I get these, too!" There just aren't many articles about it because magazines like cosmo that talk about that kind of thing are made for women. Guys don't have mags that talk about sex, they just have porn.

    I found this page because I actually was looking online for something that would explain what happens to me at the gym recently. I'm male, 46 and there's this one piece of equipment - the overhead triceps extension machine that gives me the weirdest feeling when I use it. It doesn't happen on anything else but the feeling on this machine is so weird I have to stop - or I start laughing. It makes the head of my penis tickle and throb like crazy and I feel like if I did it long enough I might climax. I tried to keep going to see what would happen but alas, my arms got too tired before I could figure out if it's really sexual or not, plus it's so intense it makes me want to stop. So I went online and this was all I could find. I don't know if it's got anything to do with core exercises or what but it sure feels very odd when it happens and I can't help but smile.

    Hi, I'm a 32 year old male. I've recently started doing stomach
    crunches at the gym on this machine and also experienced a weird
    Sensation. I didn't know where it (the sensation) was coming from at first I just know
    That it felt nice. It also made me laugh and I had to stop. I did them
    Again in the gym today for the 2nd time and located the nice tingling sensation to the tip
    of my cock. I also searched the Internet and this was all I found. Your description
    Made me laugh out loud because it was like you'd stolen the words from my mouth.
    Also, I've recently started doing kegal exercises and I don't get the sensation. I only
    Get it when I do crunches. I'm going to try it at home to see if it'll make me cum if I continue.

    I am fat have had 2 kids so when I sneeze I pee a little my pc muscles are not at all strong
    All I need to do is get on the floor do maybe 10 reverse sits ups and my vagina does the jump and squeeze
    Tingle followed by a little warm ooey gooey goodness. So not everyone has to have a buff vag to bust a nut

    I was just doing leg raisesa minute ago while laying on the floor. {I am a virgin by the way}All of a sudden i just feel this undiscribable feeling and i begin to shake and moan...I put my legs down and turned to the side while trying to catch my breath..I didnt know what happened so i begin to google can women have orgasms while exercising when i found this site...crazy lol

    How offensive.
    What a moron you are. You have no idea about how women work by obvious admissions. You need to revise how you speak to women, never mind how to aim to please them sexually.

    What part of this was offensive?   Do you dispute that some women have orgasms while exercising?  Granted, these things are self-reported but it's unclear how discussing it makes anyone a moron.
    Jenny Perhaps this is more suited to your needs/taste? You don't need to be into exercise regimes/Gyms to achieve an orgasm..... But being gentle is good.... Aitch

    yes leg raises for me! feel the burn..

    uhhh "we all know women have it easier in that regard"?? I agree with Jenny above in saying it is painfully obvious to anybody reading this that you, in fact, have no idea how women work sexually and most likely have never slept with a woman. Very nice touch commenting on your own article as this "Ali Cat" character. It takes a two second "I love nerds" google image search to pull up that pic you cropped and copy/pasted as her profile pic. And hey, this self-proclaimed "intellect and humor" thats causing all the "rubouts"?? A. In reading this article I don't find you witty or funny, only condescending and a little weird-kid-in-class and B. wtf is a rubout? Asked as a female with obviously far more sexual experience than you. If hiding behind your computer as a pseudo-intellectual and portraying yourself as a lady killer to strangers makes you happy then go for it I guess but it's not going to get you any of the actual ladies that it appears that you need. Try buying a pretty lady a drink at a bar. It's a start.

    yes I am one of those lucky females who do in fact have regular 'coregasms' when doing any sit ups, pull ups or anything of the sort - and just to let you know I am not th fittest of females and excersize very intermittently but i 'coregasm' everytime - so suppose has lead to my core probably being the most fit of all my body areas...

    You seem like a douche and i'm surprised you get laid. This easily could've been a one paragraph answer if you hadn't ranted about yourself. I don't want to learn about you, i want to learn about orgasms. The extra crap keeps you from spreading you research buddy boy. No one wants to hear a "scientist" that's full of himself