Would Female Orgasms Kill Men?
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    Always thought women were the stronger sex? Okay, I admit it, me too.

    But I am inclined to be a little skeptical when someone pimping their book cites ancillary evidence rather than studies so even if the logic is good I tend to maintain a healthy disbelief.

    Ryuichi Kaneko and Dr. Kunio Kitamura, two of the co-authors of "Sex no Subete ga Wakaru Hon (Everything You Need to Know About Sex)" write in the Mainichi Daily News:
    When an orgasm has been achieved through sex, you can measure theta waves. These are also said to cause the "running high" feeling of euphoria experienced sometimes by marathon runners. If theta waves are taken as a criterion, the entire brain emits theta waves when women reach an orgasm that are close to 10 times stronger than when men climax. So, if theta waves are an indication of an orgasm's strength, then women experience an orgasm that is physically impossible for men to go through. Putting it a little crudely, if the intensity of a woman's orgasm was played through a man's brain, there's a danger that the shock to his system would kill him. That risk makes it impossible to experiment on a man at the moment. And men can never become women.

    That's right, people - the theta waves for women are 10X what they are for men.  This explains why some women have had actual vaginal explosions when dating scientists - there is only so much pleasure even women can sustain.

    But let's examine this theta waves business.  

    It's accepted that delta and theta activity in the autonomic nervous system will increase during pleasurable events but because it's sex, and sex is difficult to map subjectively, I don't want to just assume cause and effect.  I decided to go off the map and read up on Kundalini, which Hindus say is the coiled up energy at the base of the spine in the root Chakra.

    Gopi Krishna says this Kundalini is terrific stuff and accounts for almost everything.

    Brainmapping The Orgasm

    In Kundalini And Sex they write:
    According to a principle called reciprocal innervation, an extremely high activation of the frontal hypothalamus and thus of the parasympathetic system, will create an overflow of energy activating the posterior hypothalamus which stimulates the sympathetic nervous system. This will make the energy rise to higher centers and this process is accompanied by very fast activity in the EEG (beta and gamma wave frequencies up to at least 42Hz). 

    That's right.  You have sex at DC.   

    It fell on, naturally, the Japanese to introduce a whole slew of products that use electricity to impact these waves in a direct fashion.  The links are not safe for work so I don't include any them here.  I even found an article discussing theta waves by Robert Anton Wilson, famous for co-authoring The Illuminatus Trilogy.

    What I could not find was a study showing any kind of direct correlation; namely, something showing anything beyond theta wave increase being a by-product.   

    If one is out there, I am sure one of the experts at Science 2.0 will let me know.  So at least given current studies it's scientifically unproven that a female orgasm would kill men.  Yes, men are wussies in lots of ways, but we can handle sex.

    In the meantime, women can continue to have those spectacular theta-driven orgasms and I can continue to write about them.

    Because every woman wants a man writing this article about her orgasms.


    Cute, however, this is utter bullshit. You can sell people anything and they will believe it provided that it fits an agenda. I am currently looking to do a study on whether on not brain waves can detect whether an individuals is more likely to get pleasure from summer breeze or an winter mist.

    Okay, but what are they selling and what is the agenda? Is it books?

    "That's right. You have sex at DC."


    That would be AC (alternating current). DC is direct current.

    As a professional beekeeper, I must make a small but not insignificant comment regarding death by orgasm.
    The sole purpose of the male honeybee is to mate with a young queen.
    From birth to death, the male honeybee is pampered and treated "Like a King". However, in the honeybee world, the female orgasm is the kiss of death.
    When the male, (Drone)honeybee finally gets his chance to mate with a Queen, his sex organ is ripped out and he spirals down to his death.

    Since I am not a male honeybee, I welcome Heather Locklear to give me her best orgasm until my death is obtained.

    Gregg, I know I appreciate your willingness to take one for the team. You'll get great Chakra for that!

    Sophia S Siedlberg
    Hmm "Putting it a little crudely, if the intensity of a woman's orgasm was played through a man's brain, there's a danger that the shock to his system would kill him. That risk makes it impossible to experiment on a man at the moment. And men can never become women." Putting it even more cruedly men are from mars women are from venus. Men are designed to endure physical pain and women to endure sexual pleasure. So I assume from this men enjoy being shot in Srebrenica and women are always "Begging for it"? I have a name for this sort of thing, it is called The Herod Principle.
    Females should only be allowed a limited role in adult society.

    For their own good and for society's good.

    There are excellent reasons why females were denied the vote until 1920 and why there are societies today that still prohibit the daffy dames from affecting society with their emotion-laden addle-mindedness.

    Heck, with the extent so many daffy dames have a cell phone glued to their vacuous head it is surprising as many of the dames even remember to vote in the numbers they do.

    What a douchbag. It's because there were so many sexists idiots like you that they needed more votes from more intelligent beings.

    Agreed. how stupid some of us males can be when it comes to female rights. I apologize, they lack the ability to comprehend and shouldn't be blamed for it. Probably an underdeveloped part of their brain or perhaps couldnt get a prom date. What ever the case, women deserve their rights, and shouldn't be looked down upon.

    What cave did you just crawul out of? Are you even able to stand erect?
    This is so offensive and I would bet contributes to the improbability of you ever being able to get a woman to have sex with you.
    Grow up.

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    Bente Lilja Bye is the author of Lilja - A bouquet of stories about the Earth
    Cheap spam? ;-)
    It was two-for-the-price-of-one spam, but one of the URLs seems to have mysteriously disappeared. ;)

    When an orgasm has been achieved through sex, you can measure theta waves.
    So that's where that loony Elron Hubbard got his 'thetans' idea from!  Watch out, ladies!  Those loony scientologist cultist people want to rid your mind of all orgasms - and rid your bank of all dollars.
    Not all of us are stupid, though we're certainly being tought to act that way.

    I had heard that the female orgasm was stronger, but that it could kill a man if he went through one?
    Seems a liitle 'much', don't you think?

    Egad, I think Remo Williams and Chuin would dispute those findings. All joking aside I have had demand from a woman try to kill me, never the womans orgasm.

    I think most men know this is true. Which is why they stay away from inducing orgasms in females. Health and safety reasons. A quick mate and sleep that is the mantra

    Far from killing men...I believe this is the stuff of enlightened beings.....

    The only males who preach peace and love of humanity have experienced these elevated theta waves, which exceed the known male orgasmic experience.....

    Hence the need to tell everyone it is the way to go

    Who in their right mind feels like fighting after a good orgasm?

    or feels like dying?.....what!....when you can maybe do it all again???

    Shame I can't bottle'd make a fortune......LOL

    PS: Cash, I'd be careful about using biofeedback if you have DC sex....your partner would likely overcharge her batteries

    Reference: Thinking yourself to orgasm

    ummmmm, not every orgasm is a 10.

    sometimes there's none, or they are gentle or they are .... powerful.

    But I really doubt that there's a level of pain or pleasure that would kill one gender and not another.

    all babies start out female, so why would becoming male diminish the brain capacity?

    or is that a really dumb question for a lesbian to ask?

    I have actually read something about that whole "all fetuses start as females" concept... but what i wonder is if an X chromosome and a Y from the sperm pair up at conception, how could that fetus evr be considered female to begin with? ?

    Boys brains are "dumbed down" by a hormonal bath of male androgens and there after develop in a very distinct pattern that is less evolved and flexible than a girls. I find it totally acceptable (and enviable) that your theta waves would be ten times mine since anatomically your clitoris alone has 2 - 6 times the nerve fibers found in my penis. Likewise your female orgasm is much longer than my less intense male version and you can have as many as you wish where as just one wipes me out. Males have a weaker stamina in every area than do women and your constitution easily is stronger than mine! Hat's off to the superior sex!

    My comments were directed toward "nina" but skipped down one - sorry.

    this "superior sex" wouldnt even have voting rights if men di fm nt give them ;)

    Women have better orgasms. Men own the world. Aint that a...

    I'm inclined to agree. My orgasms are so strong and last about 2 minutes that I doubt if a man could put up with the intensity. Men have theirs that last about 5 - 10 seconds and that should be enough for them. They don't have much to put up with anyway.

    You have men beat there, but men can finish having sex in less than the 2 minutes it takes for your orgasm to be over - so it all evens out.
    Bonny Bonobo alias Brat
    This is the first time I've really felt the urge to write LOL on a blog. LOL.
    My article about researchers identifying a potential blue green algae cause & L-Serine treatment for Lou Gehrig's ALS, MND, Parkinsons & Alzheimers is at
    How is it considered an advantage that we males can be finished with sex in less than 2 minutes yet females get to spend that ENTIRE two minutes in intense orgasm such as males can not imagine? For me, and I can ejaculate in less than 60 seconds, I spend most of that just getting to the 3 or 4 second peak at the very end, that males are capable of! Then I am totally spent and beat while a woman simply repeats the process and has another even stronger, longer lasting orgasm! Two minutes versus 3 seconds??? Girl's are way ahead of us boys! Thankfully I am Gay and do not have to deal with female orgasm - quite intimidating I would imagine.

    Mike Muller
    Exactly! I was in a 10 year gender study and my Control Partner (Lara) routinely had 2 minute plus orgasms in the lab sex tests that we did hooked up to wireless censors. As if she was not already having all the fun, she would have several of these behemoths one after the other for over an hour! We did 12 tests per year and in all 120 total over ten years, my paltry male orgasm always spent itself out after 3 - 5 seconds. As a male I could only muster one orgasm per sex test and usually was milked of my semen by Lara's strongly contracting vaginal muscles in less than two minutes! She would then go on rubbing her clitoris until exhaustion set in. By that time me and my shriveled penis were in the shower at the clinic, dressed and on the way home! Could I survive Lara's orgasmic bounty? After seeing the sensor results and watching the Vag Cam images of my erection being squeezed into ejaculating - NO! 
    Mike Muller
    My previous posts have been as "Mr.Mike"...
    I think that women's orgasms are generally more powerful. But orgasm generalizations are probably too...generalized. There are men who can have extended orgasms for just as long as women. Orgasm does NOT equal ejaculation. Read Hartman & Fithian. There are also women who are just as fast as men. There are women who can orgasm with just a touch of the breast or a kiss or even at penetration. I also don't agree that men can't become women. They can't totally but they do externally and hormonally.. Some who are apparent men may actually have a female neuroendocrine system. Perhaps their theta waves are like that of typical women. Perhaps theta wave response is linked to oxytocin which women produce at far greater amounts than do men at orgasm., Again this is likely reversed in some apparent men. If you hypothesize a brain dimorphism basis to this, there will be exceptions.

    Mike Muller
    Most of what you state, about male orgasm, did not play out in the lab sex tests that I was involved in. This held true for 99.9% of the other male study volunteers and transcended the 10 years of the study. Some interesting but hardly new facts about male orgasm:                                  - the average length of male orgasm: 4 seconds.                                                                                - the average number of spurts of semen (Vag Cam): 6                                                                      - average number of orgasms per sex test: male - 1;   female 9                                                          - longest male orgasm: 7 seconds                                                                                                        - longest female orgasm: 2:52                                                                                                              - average number of penile sexual nerve fibers: 3200                                                                          - average number of clitoral nerve fibers: 11,500                                                                                 No male in the study was ever observed having extended orgasms and the few that had more than one orgasm per sex test were young and reported some degree of difficulty in achieving  a second ejaculation within their Control Partners vagina. No incidence of orgasm without ejaculation was recorded and each woman had a tiny Vag Cam inserted prior to each test precisely to capture the male ejaculation on film. Many of us were not able to ejaculate each time - in my case due to Lara's wildly clenching vagina which could literally squeeze the blood from my penis before I could inseminate her. Luckily this only happened a few times.  
    Craig Dillon
    Well, I have been studying female orgasms since I was 17. If any female scientists want to join me for joint research, I would be glad to partner with you. Oh, what we sacrifice for science. There is so much to learn, I must go back to my studies.
    Mike Muller
    I have been taking a trip down memory lane, going over the stats of the many sex tests that Lara and I performed in the Gender Study. This post has jogged my memory and sparked my interest, even as a Gay man, in gender sexual disparities. Looking specifically at answering whether Female orgasm could kill a male, I found some astounding data that supports such a premise. As I stated previously, my average clinic orgasm lasted 3 seconds. We did 12 tests each year for the 10 years of the Study. That equals 120 orgasms for me. Only 17 of my male orgasms broke the 4 second threshold. I never had an orgasm lasting longer than 4.3 seconds. This was common among all the Study males in my age group. Lara's "typical" orgasm, however, played out over 135 seconds, or two minutes and fifteen seconds! She typically had 12 orgasms per session ( 39 was her highest achieved ) with the first few building  in intensity and duration until she hit the 2 minute plus mark for the last 6 or so. That meant that she had at least 6 orgasms that, combined, lasted 12 minutes - or 720 seconds!!! This meant that as the male I would have had to have approximately 240 of my typical 3 second orgasms in a row to equal just half of what she put out during our once a week tests! In the real world I tend to have one orgasm per day 5 or 6 days each week. Lara basically proved that in just 12 minutes she can enjoy what it takes me half a year to accumulate! She often out orgasmed me better than that! I seldom was inside Lara for more than two minutes and in every test she began masturbating before I entered the lab and continued until long after I was gone. Lara's long orgasms were also at least 10 times greater than mine in intensity as her clitoris alone has 4 times the nerve endings of my penis. This meant that the greater depth of her orgasms along with their amazing duration made my single orgasm look like a pin prick compared to a gunshot wound! Yes, I believe that just a few seconds of Lara's orgasmic bounty would kill me!

    Gay? Don't even go there.  Hormone levels may be imbalanced during orgasm. Even though I know the Japanese team were thorough, as usual, methinks they assume way too much !

    Robert, I think it is you who make assumptions regarding not only my homosexuality but the veracity of two study's that you simply were not a part of. I have reams of data from the Gender Study that I participated in for ten years which support my post. If you are not open to another persons experience please cast your judgement in a direction that does not negate my hard won knowledge.

    Yeah, sure. Why do you think significant research has to be replicated, verified, and peer reviewed. Two person's experience IS relevant, if only to them. It can only present possibilities for further research and verification. There are reasons why limited experience, however real and personal, is assumptive... Just basic science- high school level.I do not intend to demean your experience nor "reams" of data. [BYW I hate statistics, std. dev., means, etc.]
    Fortunately there were hundreds of study participants over the ten years of the longitudinal effort. I saw repeatedly, nearly identical data from the other male volunteers. I, too would have been skeptical had I been one of a few. That said I am glad to have had the chance to test my limits both sexually and intellectually.

    Again, this post is not allowing me to post as Mike Muller - so I am using the name I used originally.

    Okay, I suppose you are vindicated &/or justified.  I am quick to point out deficiencies, but am also not afraid to acknowledge subsequent validity!
    Robert, it really is quite subjective since neither gender can ever know what the other feels. I generally find these sorts of posts to be little more than lube for men who are in to FEMDOM nonsense. It is a pleasure to engage someone who actually puts his mind and not his penis to the question. I have a little trouble being taken seriously despite my first hand experience. Thank you for your time and thoughts.

    Mike Muller
    I am not sure who I will be logged in as, Mr.Mike or Mike Muller, but here goes. I spoke to the Gender Study Coordinator, Dr. Cheryl Trask and had her read my posts to date. She felt my representation of the wide disparity between male and female orgasm was "quite accurate". She would have summed up by pointing out that: " your case, Mike, how can you compare your average 3 to 4 second orgasm to those of Lara's which routinely outlasted yours by well over a minute and usually two?" That said, she felt I should have stressed that Lara has some 40,000 sexual nerve endings which fire for her 2 minute orgasms only to repeat multiple times with each successive  orgasm as compared to the paltry 3000 nerve fibers in the head of my penis that fire just once and only for a fraction of the 4 seconds I feel as orgasm. Therein lies the rub, to hear Dr. Cheryl tell it. She feels that males could not stand the minutes of pounding female orgasmic heartbeats that leave us spent and winded after only a few seconds. When the ten-times-plus greater intensity of Lara's orgasmic watershed is added to the mix, Dr. Cheryl feels I would suffer coronary and respiratory failure. I have to agree since the milking of my penis inside Lara for the 1 to 2 minutes that I typically lasted - left me panting and dizzy after my one shot 3 second climax was over.
    Most of a woman’s brain shuts down when she climaxes and one small part lights up, all emotions and reasoning functions stop, same for a man but not to the same extent though the active area is larger. But if a woman’s orgasm was anywhere near as strong as a man’s, she’d have a heart attack or pass out after about 12 seconds. Most men are ready to have a stroke after about three, your foaming at the mouth at around four and your testicle implode at around six. After that it just gets messy, I'd recommend keeping a bucket and some rubber sheets handy. And apparently the less brain activity you have, the more enjoyment you get from sex, so blonds really do have more fun.

    Clinical data compiled over the ten years of the Study refute your assumption that make orgasm is stronger. In my case the nerve fibers in my uncircumcised penis were outnumbered by those in Lara's clitoris (both internal and external parts) by about 4 times! This does not take into account another 25,000 sexual nerve fibers throughout her vulva and cervix-uterus. In tread mill tests that we did, Lara had greater stamina and was able to withstand faster heartbeats and respiration for longer periods than I could. This even though she had a much higher fat to muscle ratio than I did. In short, Lara's orgasms were approximately 10 times more intense than mine and as I previously noted could last minutes where as mine were history after only 3 or 4 seconds. Mike Muller

    Good god !!!! your so far out to lunch on this one Mr Mike !
    I am a male and I know my orgasms go for a minimum of 25 seconds and I have also seen the actual graghs which actualy show that on average the male orgasm is longer than a females orgasm plus our orgasm is two stage with ejaculation. So if you figure the first stage combined with the second we are typicaly way longer and it's also known that males do have extended orgasms at times.
    Yes we typicaly only have one every 15 minutes or so but it's also documented for a fact that their is a persentage of us who have full multiple orgasms with ejaculation for hours and their only minutes appart.
    I also figure since our orgasms are two stage our brains can't totaly shut down because our whole system must continue to function with all thats required for our total orgasm to take place so a womans brain is not needed to function with their simple orgasm and this alone should leave a woman wondering what it would feel like to be totaly aware of everything going on at once with your body rather than shutting the brain down.
    One more proven fact !!!! A penis uncut has just as many nerve endings as the clitoris because they are actualy the same thing only one is larger plus our prostate is is totaly seperate yet combined and also loaded with an unimaginable amount of nerve receptors which alowws us an orgasm which is coming from both ends at once.
    A woman can't imagine what we get with our single orgasm even though some down play it you better get your facts straight and simply wonder if a woman is just capable of having them faster than us or are they missing the whole experience all together.

    Something to think about eh !

    LOL at the "minimum 25 seconds" what a load of BS. Goodness, some people talk so much crap just to make them sound better. Lame.

    A penis uncut has just as many nerve endings as the clit? ? There's no proof for this.

    This dude sounds threatened by this article...

    anyway.. mens bodies do not shake so violenty during an orgasm but women can have extremely intense, violent trembles, her whole body can shake and continues to do so for a few seconds after the orgasm. Which might just proove, that well, it's very much quite noticible which orgams may be stronger.

    Scads of data from ten years of Gender Study Sex Tests involving hundreds of people do not concur with your experience. While I am happy that you seem to have departed from the norm, I would like to see your claims validated in a lab setting such as the lab that I have had my sexual response tested in since 1999. I am an uncircumcised male and have, through infrared photography, had the number of sexually charged nerve fibers in my penis defined and tracked since I first entered the lab. Over the last 11 years I have lost about 750 of these fibers as is normal as males age. My Control Partner, Lara has had hers tallied as well. The fact is, her vulva, clitoris, vagina, uterus and g-spot are many more times sexually innervated than my penis. This remains a fact whether I like it or not. There is no room for the male ego in these findings. As a Gay man I had difficulty at first, swallowing the inherent advantage females possess over us, but reality is what it is. Brain scans during orgasm only proved their good fortune. In fact a simple search on the net will tell you that the male orgasm is so brief that it cannot be adequately measured using current FMRI technology. I do agree that male orgasm is a two stage process. My measurable orgasmic response typically ends after my second or third spurt of semen. This was true for nearly every male in the Study. I typically produce several spurts per ejaculation and have learned to differentiate between the feeling of orgasm and squirting semen. Both are pleasurable, however, the 3 or 4 seconds of orgasm far exceeds the intensity of ejaculation for me and many of the males in the Study whom volunteered their opinion during exit interviews conducted at random after our end of the test was over. When ejaculation is combined with orgasm, my entire climax lasts about 10 seconds, give or take depending on how many times I squirt during each event. As for your claim that "we typically have one every 15 minutes or so", I have never seen this displayed in the 11 years of the Study. Wishful thinking aside, I would like to see this graph you refer to. Could you send it to my e-mail perhaps? Be prepared to receive a boat load from my end that substantiate my claims.

    From an article that I was sent by my Control Partner Lara recently. Turns out the clitoris has even more of nerve advantage over the penis than previously thought! 600 times more!!! This is a portion of the article: twastCruz warms up the class with some light biology. “All fetuses start out female,” says she. “At the second trimester, it’s decided genetically whether it’s going to be a boy or a girl. The clitoris then changes, if it’s a boy, into the head of a penis. Nerves develop, more so in a clitoris than they do in the head of a penis. The woman’s clitoris has 600 times the amount of nerve endings that the tip of the male penis has.”

    Here is the entire article. Talk amongst yourselves.

    Another article, if you will... The scans show that during sexual activity, the parts of the female brain responsible for processing fear, anxiety and emotion start to relax and reduce in activity. This reaches a peak at orgasm, when the female brain’s emotion centres are effectively closed down to produce an almost trance-like state.

    The male brain was harder to study during orgasm, because of its shorter duration in men, but the scans nonetheless revealed important differences. Emotion centres were deactivated, though apparently less intensely than in women, and men also appear to concentrate more on the sensations transmitted from the genitals to the brain.

    AND ANOTHER ARTICLE: Scientists have produced a film of the female brain when reaching orgasm, the Daily Mail reports.

    The team from Rutgers University, New Jersey, discovered that a woman’s sexual arousal numbs the nervous system so that she hardly feels any pain, and instead is overwhelmed with pleasure.

    The brain scan also shows that up to 30 areas in a female's brain become active at the time of sexual excitement including joy, touch, satisfaction and emotion.

    “In women, orgasm produces a very extensive response across the brain and body,” psychology professor Barry Komisaruk, who conducted the research, said.

    The eight women who took part in the study, were asked to lie down in an MRI scanner while stimulating themselves under a blanket.

    Most of the women reached an orgasm within five minutes, while others took upto 20 minutes.

    The women were asked to raise their hands when they orgasmed, and some women raised their hands several times, often with just a few seconds apart.

    'So the evidence is that women tend to have longer orgasms and can experience several in rapid succession," Barry Komisaruk explained.

    The team of scientists are trying to pinpoint what happens in the female brain when she reaches climax so that they can help those with a low libido.

    They also want to compare the results with that of men so that they can see what the similarities and differences are between male and female orgasms.

    - Inger Smith

    read more:

    LIFE IS NOT FAIR FOR MEN BECAUSE WE ARE THE WEAKER SEX WHEN IT COMES TO ORGASMS AND I HATE NATURE FOR THAT REASON. And women are capable of multiple orgasms and men are not, so maby nature intended for women to lay with other females where they'll both mutually have multiple orgasms for hours and wont be able to violate their true needs as men would do if they can last that long.

    Wow, seriously, this whole women have more clitoris/genital nerve endings than men penises/genital... this is a SOOOO empty debate and quite frankly, absolutely pointless. Check this out if only for comparison sake... :
    Male Glans (head): 4,000 nerve endings
    Female Clitoris: 8,000 nerve endings
    Male Foreskin: 20,000 nerve endings
    The Male Glans:
    Contains about 4,000 nerve endings, but they are pressure/pain-sensitive, not touch sensitive. These pressure/pain-sensitive nerves are called "Pacinian Corpuscles" and "Free Nerves"
    Male Foreskin:
    Contains about 20,000 nerve endings which are extremely touch sensitive (like the female clitoris). These touch-sensitive nerves are called "Meissner's Corpuscles"

    The foreskin contains 20,000–70,000 erogenous nerve endings, the majority of which are concentrated in the ridged band, which encircles the inner opening of the foreskin. When the penis is flaccid, the nerve endings are protected but, when erect, they are exposed. Circumcision removes about three-fourths of the nerve endings in the penis, leaving the circumcised penis severely disabled by comparison.

    These nerve endings allow a man to modulate his sexual experience. Without them, a man may feel pleasure, but, without warning, reaches ejaculation quickly. The greatest complaint of circumcised males is premature ejaculation.

    Without the foreskin’s protection, the glans becomes keratinized (calloused). The free nerve endings in the glans become buried in layers of callused skin. Many circumcised males complain about sexual dysfunction and impotence because they lack the feelings and feedback meant to be provided by nerve endings that were amputated with circumcision. Circumcised men are 4.5 times more likely to be diagnosed with erectile dysfunction than intact men.

    About the orgasms themselves, you know that if you increase the dopamine neurotransmitter levels, in either male or female, you can greatly intensify orgasms? And give *both* the ability to achieve multiple orgasms? And if you remove the cause of men's refractory period, ejaculation (which jump-start results in elevated prolactin levels) you intensify orgasms and permit multiple orgasms. The brain controls eveything and if you can get rid of that post-orgasmic prolactin rise in men, you'll see alot more multiorgasmic men out there, with super long orgasms and crazy theta waves. It is all linked... A man on lamictal (lamotrigine) ended up after a few months having 50 seconds orgasms and all that time at full peak intensity.

    Women have *naturally* more intense, powerful and longer orgasms. Some having it to ridiculous proportion, check out PGAD (persistent genital arousal disorder) sufferers (the term sufferer is a most here).

    Get rid of prolactin (main culprit) and men are on an equal footing with women.

    My personnal experience on dopamine agonist or reuptake inhibitor? Orgasms lasting between 10 and 30 seconds, with full body tremors, shaking, electrical feelings, crazy goosebumps, facial and body contortion and brain zaps. Oh, and sometimes extremely sensual wave feelings from head to toe. It's not rocket science, it's simple body chemistry at work.

    Those have also been reported by prostate orgasms, called Super O. Alot of practitioners out there, go read on the "Aneros" sex toy for men and their experience, I assure you that you'll be surprised.

    Final note : orgasm is a UNIQUE experience for anyone, some have it long, short, intense, dull, vibrant, out of this world, painful, satisfying, unsatisfying, liberating, crazy, see lights, get orgasm migraine, twisting... the difference make it so entertaining and fun. Orgasm is not only theta waves in the brain: heck, in the end, who cares if it gives some people a seizure ?!?

    Be you man or woman, just enjoy them !! :)


    Yep, Fantome hit the spot. Women have no clue how powerful orgasms are for an uncut man.

    What utter bullshit. Is anybody else tired of this "women have better orgasm" mantra non sense that has been propagated? Is it possible, just maybe possible that we're not very different and that both men and women are equally capable of having the same sort of orgasms NATURALLY as often as the other and this is based solely on each individual and more importantly their experience and emotional bond with their partner? Sexology is a flawed science at best and it stepped in misconceptions. Everyone wants to sell sex gels and dick pills and read this book and that book or you'll failfuck yourself into being alone forever.

    Mike Muller
    Another "Anonymous" without a single shred of scientific evidence to back his/her claims. I stand by the ten-year Gender Study I participated in.
    In reading the many comments posted here, I find it comical to see claims the male orgasm is equal of better than the female orgasm. There are some woman who orgasm faster than all men and have multiples over and over over an extended period holding back absolutely nothing.

    These woman do not need to edge or do have any special other than to completely let go and enjoy total orgasmic bliss. They can do it over and over again sometimes having non stop continuous orgasms for many many minutes without coming down. I haven't even said a word about intensity and it's clear who was the better deal. Tell me again how a man holding back to keep from ejaculating one time and ending it all is even in the same universe.

    Mike Muller
    .Thank you Voice of Reason. It is duly noted that those who claim male orgasm is NOT inferior to the female version - are all male.
    Gerhard Adam
    ... and what possible difference can it make?  Since neither sex can ever know what the other experiences, this seems like a rather gratuitous debate.
    Mundus vult decipi
    Mike Muller
    Not much, Gerhard, but the question was poised and thus deserves as honest an answer as possible.
    The question of male vs female intensity is debatable since it is subjective. I once read for men having one orgasm is like being struck by lightning. For woman, the same writer said it was like and earthquake. These are probably accurate descriptions. Lightning strikes in an instant and is gone. An earthquake rumbles for a longer period with peaks and valleys. In certain instances the rumbling goes on for what seems to be forever, and sometimes, but not all, it is off the scale by its intensity.

    What is not subjective is the duration and number of orgasms a woman can have in a single session. I've heard of women in the right circumstances have upwards of a hundred orgasms before becoming exhausted. There are other well documented instances where some very lucky woman will have serial multiple orgasms so close together they combine into a single continuous orgasm lasting many minutes in duration. Granted not ALL women are blessed with this ability, but to those who were delt a straight flush by mother nature, there is no contest.

    To the writer of this article: You poor english grammar skills make it difficult to read this article.

    "Putting it a little crudely, if the intensity of a woman's orgasm was played through a man's brain, there's a danger that the shock to his system would kill him. That risk makes it impossible to experiment on a man at the moment. "

    Let's run some animal tests to test that theory.

    Hmm. A new weapon for the military? :)

    Hello Mr. Mike/ Mike Muller... if possible could you give a link to this study (hopefully an article) you have been participating in if possible. I am really interested in this sort of topic... Also on the notes of nerve endings in the pelvic region of both men and woman -
    Female clitoral nerves (8000) and an additional 15000 nerves around the vulva etc (this is from the book Touch Me There: by Yvonne K Fulbright). And the note on uncut Penis - i have also heard about 20000 additional nerves on the foreskin from this article which i have to find again - it was awhile back.

    But even still if you could update my knowledge on this topic that would be appreciated...

    thanks again

    BTW i am a female (who is still searching for knowledge therefore not claiming to be all-knowledgable)

    I was actually just curious about the difference between the orgasms, but my god.

    I am disgusted by the amount of pandering to women in this thread. You idiots are the reason for the imbalance in society and the inflated ego of women these days. Now before you go calling me a sexist, take an objective look. I know you guys are lonely and want to get laid, but degrading the male sex to masturbate the already inflated egos of women today is absolutely pathetic.

    I am going to say something that may seem sexist to people who have no idea of sexism actually means, and I don't give a shit, because feminism is about treating the sexes equally, not pandering to women and becoming their slaves. Men control the world, a glancing observation at history and even modern day will tell you as much. Most of todays creations, structures, advancements in science, and the vast majority of the worlds leaders are male. Considering the fact that there are more women than men in the world, I think it is pretty obvious who is the dominant sex.

    Again, I am not degrading women, there is a difference between superiority, and dominance. I am dominant in my relationship, but I don't look down on my girlfriend in any way, she is an equal to me, but not a fragile doll to be praised for nothing and pandered down to.

    So for the love of all things holy, enough with this obvious, thinly veiled sexism in the guise of feminism, that is being done by MEN of all people. I am sick of seeing this idiocy, and it does nobody any good, besides make men feel inferior, and inflate womens already too big egos.

    I say this not because I actually give a shit about whos orgasm is bigger, I am fine with what I get, but because if I ever have a daughter, I don't want her to join a society that praises her for accomplishing nothing, and give her an undeserved sense of superiority over men. Which is a big problem in western society. It is the same as bending over backwards and begging for forgiveness from African Americans simply because you have been told that their segregation is all your fault and you are to blame for what happened to their ancestors and yadda yadda yadda.

    Thanks for reading, and if you feel the need to send me links about womans inventions, or accomplishments, kindly refrain, As I have said, I am not diminishing womens role in society, accomplishments, nor am I saying they are inferior. I am simply trying to balance out this ridiculous influx in power that is self inflicted. At least in this board.

    I will try to reply to the comments that are surely coming to tell me I am a sexist pig and whatever else you have been brainwashed into thinking when I get the chance.

    One more thing before I go, and this is to Mike, because he seems to be a major perpetrator in this thread.

    If I didn't know any better, I would think you were a femnazi disguising herself as a man to seem legitimate. You always hide behind this supposed "10 year study" that you experienced. Every single post that attempts to argue your comments, you bring that out, I bet your response will include that old gem.

    Whether anonymous, or with a name, I don't care. If you use common sense, and a bit of basic knowledge, anyone can dispute whatever bullshit you can spew and validate with experience. Not only do I doubt any validity to your study claim, but I really don't give two shits whether it is real or not. I doubt your claims, and I will publicly state as much. You have given no proof aside from your apparent study, which to me is less valid than an anonymous poster, posting common sense.

    You are obviously biased, despite claiming to be impartial, so anything you say means less than nothing towards your cause. You can dispute what I say, disregard it as another anonymous comment, in fact I am sure you will, but I am speaking in defense of people who look at things the same as me, and hopefully read this and don't take your opinion as seriously on what should be an impartial scientific discussion.

    If I may be crude, and unprofessional for a moment.

    Either get some self confidence, or you should go lurk on a femnazi board where you and sexist women can sit around agreeing with each other about how you and all men are scum and should die all day long. But first proceed to bite my shiny metal ass.

    Sorry, but I felt the need to say that. But please, don't take what I said above as anything but my personal opinion, I wouldn't want to give you the satisfaction of trying to say that I am attacking your character to invalidate your claims, I think my previous statements did that just fine.

    Again, thanks for reading my ranting tirades.

    Mike Muller
    "For the love of all things holy"? I guess we know which side of the dogma bed "sigh (not verified)" awakens on. I love how naysayers always hide behind "anonymous" or "unverified". How lovely that you treat your wife so fairly, yet feel it necessary to post nonsense to the effect that you are the "dominant" one in the relationship - while hinting that you could just as easily use that dominance to roll right over her should she have even the faintest feminist inklings. Repugnican Buy-Bull totter, are we? Pardon me whilst I stifle a yawn. We saw this typical posturing among most of The Study's Str8 male participants, so much so as to become surprising when such male-ego fueled denial was not present. 
    What is it to "sigh (not verified)" if some people disagree with his assumptions of male dominance? Maybe all is not as he tells it in his relationship. Maybe he is accurate where his life is concerned and assumes the rest of us march to his drum. That has not been my experience. Agree or not as you will, my experiences in The Study remain accurate. Sorry if reading my posts makes you uncomfortable in your false state of male dominance.

    I have never preached the feminist mantra or suggested that men are scum. Only a terribly insecure person could surmise such from my posts. I stand by my assertion that in The Study, men tended to be sexually inferior to women. No character judgments, just fact.
    Gerhard Adam tended to be sexually inferior to women...
    Do you think that using such loaded terminology helps anyone?  In that respect I have to admit that you're unequivocally wrong.  To judge something "superior" or "inferior" is a value judgment and has no place in anything that is supposed to resemble a "study".

    In fact, "inferior" implies maladaptive which was certainly not demonstrated, nor is there any reason to believe that such a condition exists.

    More importantly, it seems that the relevant questions were never asked, nor answered.  Namely, why should there be orgasms in the first place, and if there is a difference, then what role do they serve?  Anything else is potentially interesting trivia, but explains little or nothing.
    Mundus vult decipi
    I wasn't going to bother replying after reading your comment, because you essentially proved my point in every field. But I felt the need to tell you I am now laughing pretty hard at you for exceeding my expectations and avoiding everything I said aside from a few personal insights I made, and jumped right to picking apart my comment to try and invalidate it, while also restating the same tired experience you claim to have with no proof whatsoever aside from your word and made up facts that conveniently reflect your opinion on the subject. Exactly as I predicated.

    Good day sir.

    Mike Muller
    sigh (not verified), since this is purely an opinion blog in the first place, I would have thought a person claiming to be an expert on women...everything, such as you would have realized that I am speaking my from experience only. It is obvious that your words are derived from a similar source. It is your aggressive posture toward different opinions that removed you from the list of a. People I need to prove anything to.
     b. People worth engaging in factual conversation.

    Longitudinal studies are often cloaked in clauses and contracts for confidentiality. Your inexperience in such things should be a prerequisite for not running off at the mouth on things you know little to nothing about (Gender Study). Feel free to regard my comments a gibberish and kindly ignore them in the future.  

    I think this "author" has some insecurities she needs to get over, she seems annoyed at men. Men have stronger orgasms, that actually can last as long as women's. Orgasms for both sexes range from a few seconds to almost a minute, just women average longer. Men have more pleasurable nerve endings in their penis (especially their foreskins) then women have in their vagina and clitoris (8000 in the clitoris, but 20,000 in the foreskin alone!) Also men have a prostate, which is the REAL g-spot, what the g-spot wishes it was. The g-spot is just the pathetic homologous remains of the prostate.

    Show me the proof! Your foreskin nerve supply numbers are the stuff of myth and wishful thinking. Show me the clinical proof.