Deflate-gate: Cheating People versus a Flawed Pre-Game Process

I live in Massachusetts, home of the National Football League team the New England Patriots.  ...

Hangout to Talk About Physics This Friday, Jan. 23, 3-5pm

Each January, I scamper out of the basement and talk to folks during MIT's Independent Activities...

All Possible Histories: Relativistic Quantum Field Theory and Gamma Matrices

Relativistic quantum field theory does not apply to everyday life.  It doesn't apply to one...

Scalar Gravity Theories and Frame Dragging

In a different blog, Henry Brown made the following statement: ...

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Trying to be a semi-pro amateur physicist (yes I accept special relativity is right!). I _had_ my own effort to unify gravity with other forces in Nature. It ran into quite a number of technically... Read More »