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Helen Barratt
About Helen I am a mother and wife with teenage children, horses and dogs, who loves reading and writing about science and is concerned about vulnerable and endangered people, animals, species and habitats on this planet.

My beautiful mother committed suicide in 2009, while dying a terrible death from Lou Gehrig's ALS otherwise known as motor neurone disease (MND) and I am keen to spread the word that Australian researchers have recently discovered that up to 90% of MND ALS is potentially being caused by toxic, blue green algae BMAA bioaccumulating in our food and also in us. Toxic BMAA has also been directly linked to Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases and can be invisibly present in our water supply, where it cannot be destroyed by boiling or disinfectants but it can be removed by using a carbon filter. A possible treatment called L-Serine is currently being trialed and tested on MND ALS sufferers. It is hoped that L-Serine will flush bioaccumulated toxic BMAA from the body and/or prevent further absorption .

I have a Bachelor of Science honours degree in Psychology, though I have worked for many years as an Information Technology (IT) professional, contracting, project managing, designing, programming and debugging computer systems in a variety of industries in Europe and Australasia.

I am a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society and I plan to continue my academic career next year as a researcher when I have completed my second Bachelor of Social Science degree, in which I am majoring in counselling because there are no counselling units in a psychology degree, not many people realize that when they go to a psychologist for counselling!

12 years ago my husband and family made a 'sea-change' move away from being IT professionals in Sydney, to becoming organic, fruit and livestock permaculture farmers in beautiful Byron Bay, Australia. The combination of droughts then floods, ongoing competition from very cheap foreign fruit imports and my husband's knee problems has forced us to reluctantly sell our beautiful farm.

For 8 years I have been working as a crisis telephone counselor and more recently as an in-shift crisis support supervisor and also as a professional 'face to face' counselor for a local Government employment agency.

My latest article describing how Australian researchers have discovered a potential blue green algae cause & are currently testing a possible L-Serine treatment for Motor Neuron Disease (MND) & Lou Gehrig's ALS, Parkinsons's and Alzheimer's can be found at
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