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    Dr. Sascha Vongehr [风洒沙] studied phil/math/chem/phys in Germany, obtained a BSc in theoretical physics (electro-mag) & MSc (stringtheory)...

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    Recent articles are on top of the column, which sorts chronologically.  Here, articles are categorized thematically.  Topics are in no particular order, starting with Physics before going to Consciousness, Drugs, Atheism, Science and Media, Suicide, Transhumanism, China, Skepticism, Nanotech, Sex ...


    Not Afraid Of The Dark: Dark Energy

    The Einstein Expansion Paradox

    Big Bang Well Defined

    Agnostics Expect a Multiverse, hold Many Worlds True

    Light Higgs Discovered and about to Destroy the Universe

    Inflation: Incredibly fast or painfully slow?

    Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Dark Force: Not Afraid of the Dark Side

    Dark Energy: The Ultimate Sisyphus

    Painfully Slow Inflation

    100 Million Times Slower than Light: The Lameness of Cosmic Inflation

    2011 Physics Nobel Prize Goes to Einstein’s Greatest Blunder

    -----------------Quantum Physics

    God Does NOT Play Dice, But Einstein is Still Wrong

    Quantum Non-Locality And Green Cheese Moons In Many Worlds

    Do Not Bet On Quantum Physics (in Public)

    Are You For Real Quantum Mechanics?

    Internet Study Guide to Disproof of Realism and Solution of EPR Paradox

    Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Paradox Resolved by Local Modal Realism

    Van Der Waals Force Or Gecko Feet Grasping Into Parallel Worlds

    Many World Sausage model with correct Quantum Factors

    Quantum Perspective of the Nonexistence of Light

    If Schrödinger's Cats All Die, Do the Alive ones go to Hell?

    Official Quantum Randi Challenge (QRC)

    QRC: News And Plea

    Rotating Schrödinger's Cat to Death

    Disproving Local Realism

    Understand Quantum Disprove Of Realism Wearing Cool Shades

    Quantum Teleportation of Cats

    Hidden Variable Madness

    Many Worlds by Splitting a Wiener Sausage

    No Quantum Entanglement or No News?

    First Success of the Quantum Randi Challenge

    How Belief may be Effective through Quantum Physics I II

    Classical Parallel Worlds and Local Non-Locality

    -----------------Quantum Gravity

    Black Hole Duality I: Not Noticing Crashing With Light Speed

    Black Hole Duality II: General Relativity without Singularities

    Still no Schrödinger Cat Jumps the Diosi-Penrose Criterion

    Smolin versus Susskind: The Judge's Decision


    -----------------Space-Time Relativity

    Riding A Long Train Down A Black Hole

    Fundamental Nature of Light

    Black Holes Demystified

    Higgs Discovery Rehabilitating Despised Einstein Ether

    Energy Is Not Conserved

    Space Plunger

    -----------------Relativity Hot Topic: Faster than Light (careful(!), none of these articles propose that anything goes faster than light! These articles are mainly about the sorry state of science outreach!):

    Faster than Light Neutrinos do not Time Travel to Spoil your Date

    Neutrinos Faster than Light without violating Relativity

    A Million Times the Speed of Light

    OPERA FTL Neutrinos indicate Ultra Superluminal Initial Jumps

    One Way Light Velocity Toward Gran Sasso

    Begging the Question on Faster than Light Particles: Not Tachyons with Imaginary Mass

    No Resignation over Faster Than Light Neutrinos in Bonobo World

    -----------------Philosophy of Physics

    Indeterminism Comes Before Quantum Mechanics

    Tautologically Totalitarian Totality and Why We Do Not Accept It

    Postmodern Physics As Description Relativity

    Observer Dependence Of Hawking Radiation Doubts Boltzmann Brains

    Did God Pick Quantum Mechanics to Protect Us From Evil Scientists

    Smart Girls Guide To Guys Who Pretend Knowing Physics

    Why there is more Matter than Antimatter

    Many Worlds’ Tautological Truth: To Be Or Not Is Not The Question

    Space a Carpet Woven From Left Spun Yarn

    Terrible Quantum States: Are You a Pedophile Rapist in a Parallel World?

    Virtual Particles Real Yet Real Ones Unreal According to Feynman?

    Wheeler’s Utterly Simple Idea That Demands The Quantum

    Spooky World or Crazy Mind: Nonlocality versus Modified Realism

    Gambling in the Multiverse: Empirical Probability versus Classical Fair Meta-Randomness

    Why There is Something Instead of Nothing

    Duality: The World Has No Dimensionality At All

    Why Einstein Could Not Solve EPR Though He Could Have

    The World is not woven from Real Stuff

    Fundamental Physics: Fine Tuning or Coincidence?

    Energy is not Golden Holy Cow Urine

    Dark Beam Ice Cube Torch

    Ripping on Leonard Susskind

    Collatz Conjecture: Decided or Undecidable?

    --------------Philosophy of Science

    Science As Rationalization and Ultimate Religion

    Regress Arguments Biggest Problem in Fundamental Science&Philosophy

    Why there is Something rather than Nothing – now a burgeoning Field

    Infinitely Improbable Coincidences?

    Light: The Ultimate Measure That Is Not

    Coincidences without Contingency?

    Andrew Pickering

    Expect Tachyonic Neutrinos to Have their Higgs AND Smoke it

    Profound Recursion Or Remains The Feeling That Something Profound Remains

    -----------------Classical Physics and Didactics

    Wood Angle Falls Faster Than Free Fall

    Hyperspace Helicopters: Rotors in 4D

    How Fast Do You Fall Through Earth And The Perfect Physics Instructor Suicide

    Solitons: From Deadly Monster Waves on the High Seas to Modern Particle Physics

    Falling Faster than Freefall: A Lesson in Didactics and Critical Thinking

    Hawking Lady Gaga Challenge: Rim versus Center Brake

    How Planes Fly or How Polarized Debates Are Wrong versus Wrong

    -----------------Philosophy of Mind / ConsciousnessNo Driver License To The Unaware of Consciousness Research

    No Higher Consciousness

    Still no Schrödinger Cat Jumps the Diosi-Penrose Criterion

    Hilarious Putnam: Please Be Still

    -----------------Futurism/ Transhumanism

    Robopocalypse Now

    Transparent Transparency

    Global Suicide: No Singularity, just Evolution of deadly Rationality

    Simulation Hypothesis and other silly Religious Stuff

    Singularity: Properly defined and substantial Criticism

    i-Phone Siri is Big Brother, or better: Big Sister

    Does Democracy need ‘The Wisdom of Crowds’?

    -----------------Medical / Pharmaceutical / "War against Drugs"

    Hallucinogens in Your Medicine Cabinet

    Drinking Alcohol in China and Enzyme Evolution

    The 2010s will be to the 2060s what the 1960s are to Us Today

    Portioning your Stash Safely without a Chemical Scale

    I am Going Nuts: Nutmeg

    Nutty Pictures: Illustrated Guide to Nutmeg Preparation

    Nutmeg Liquor

    Dumpster Diving for Longevity: Get Up, Stand Up!

    Natural Often Better, not Quackery (also on Vitamin D and E)

    Cognitive Enhancement versus Drug War

    ADHD Yoghurt: Citizen Science against the Drug War

    Get Potassium Iodide or how to respond to the present Irrationality

    ADHD and the War on Drugs

    David Nichols' Drug Publications “used for negative Ends"

    Ephedra: Aphrodisiac from the Axis of Evil

    Coke and Chocolate Poisoning your Kids?

    Free Hangover Cure now 500 Dollars and IV in Las Vegas

    -----------------Atheism/ New Religiousness in Science

    Open Letter To Bostrom And NASA's Richard Terrile: Evolution Wrong, Fossils Planted?

    God's Place in Fundamental Emergence

    Intelligent Design into Curriculum

    Anti Darwinism Dominating Progressive Science Outreach

    Dalai Lama wins 2012 Templeton Prize for Science?

    Atheist David Albert Destroys Dumb New Book by naïve Atheist Krauss

    Mix Science and God Correctly or Don't

    Suicide: Life Ends Six Meters Above the Ground

    Science as Rationalization and Ultimate Religion

    Simulation Hypothesis and other silly Religious Stuff

    Vastness and Fastness of the Small helps Evolution

    Atheist Funeral

    Pasta Sieve Religious Head Cover in Driver License

    Tibet and Buddhism to Stay Liberated

    Energy is Not Golden Holy Cow Urine

    Global Suicide: No Singularity, just Evolution of deadly Rationality

    New Dark Ages in Blinding Light


    Almost Open Criticism of Nano Science in Established Journal

    The Memristor: Science Scandal and

      Detractors Not Grasping The Memristor

    Unethical Nanotechnology

    I Let My Computer Use My Brain: Novel Analysis for Microscopy Images

    Nanoparticles help Bacteria turn into Superbugs

    Mysterious Symmetry between Destruction and Growth

    Microwave Synthesis and Ramen Noodles

    No Mysterious Symmetry in Ultracold Helium Nanodroplet Distributions

    The Nanotechnology Article Generator

    Small is Ugly

    -----------------Publish or Perish / Academic Decay

    The Memristor: Science Scandal

    Physicists Demand LHC Shut Down After Higgs Nonsense

    So Called Censorship And Real Censorship

    FTL Neutrinos Succumb to Bayesian Method

    Bad News for Kids: Your Favorite Dinosaur Species May not have Existed

    Publish or Perish Science Free Scientific Article Generator

    POP Science: Nefarious Numbers

    Golden Rules of Error Analysis

    Shadow Scholar and

        Shadow Scholar Out Of Hiding - Will Rutgers Grant His PhD?

    Usual Cheating in Science

    God Particle versus Fundamental Physics and Sexy Girl Bands

    Science: The Next 9/11

    Another one throws in Towel, Leaves Academia

    Kneejerk against FTL Neutrinos Symptom of Deeper Problems in Science

    Refusal of Neutrino Results Supports Global Warming Denial as Predicted


    Steven Pinker Against Group Selection Or Against Evolution?

    Neil DeGrasse Tyson missing Obvious while Distorting Science

    Quantum Randi Challenge (QRC)

    Do Not Bet On Quantum Physics (in Public)

    End Of Joy Christian Affair Or End Of Scientific Discourse

    Scare Pic Of Earth Water Visual Framing Or Global Warming Wake Up Call

    Israeli Lottery Wonder Demystified

    Future Influence: The Quantum Physics of Precognition?

    Laser tears Space So Ghost Particles enter from other Dimension?

    Science of Precognition: Cosmic Habituation versus Decline Effect

    Black Holes Demystified

    Energy is not Golden Holy Cow Urine

    Simulation Hypothesis and other silly Religious Stuff

    Should We Trust Experts?

    Dowsing Rods at German Universities

    University wields Holocaust Denial Lawsuit to Silence Critical Economics Prof

    Free Thought Blogs Closet Sexism Trips Feminista Greg Laden

    -----------------Sex and other Weird Stuff

    Sexy Blondes Contra Foot Fetish: Spot the Pedophile

    Pathological Thinking: A Response Of The Season Of Love To The Current Outrage

    9/11: Science Predicted the Castration of a Phallus Symbol

    Germany Abolishes Itself

    Discrimination against Men in Science

    What if Germany would kill Jews like the USA kills Black People?

    GMO Food

    Killing Babies with Bill Maher: Vaccines

    Friendship Paradox Renders Network Analysis Redundant

    The Dude Sapolsky on Behavioral Biology

    Modern X-Mas Story: The Shit Hole

    Germany Number 1 in Internationalism

    How Many Nuclear Energy Cheerleaders to Change a Light Bulb?

    Manslaughter Sentence for Scientists Who Misinformed Public

    Award for Troll Violentacrez Brutsch

    -----------------Suicide Series
    Should I Kill Myself?

    -----------------Animals, Environment

    Cats’ Cruelty is Supernatural – but they are Delicious!

    Natural born Killers go Extinct

    Japanese Nuclear Reactor Future: Another High Tech Sarcophagus?


    Smart Girls Guide To Guys Who Pretend Knowing Physics

    Sascha Vongehr blows up and goes Exponential

    How People View Each Other in Science

    The Three Golden Rules of Error Analysis

    How many Bloggers to Change a Light Bulb?

    Pasta Sieve Religious Head Cover in Driver License

    No Sick Sex


    Science Outreach in The Nanjinger

    Asia now Scientific Leader

    China’s Enormous Achievements for Science and Secularism

    Drinking Alcohol in China and Enzyme Evolution

    Does Democracy need ‘The Wisdom of Crowds’?

    Tibet and Buddhism to Stay Liberated

    Science Workplaces: Mad Science Lab versus Chinese Red Banners

    Language and other Barriers

    Osama Bin Laden Martyred by US, China Still Unstoppable

    Once Chinese equals 3 x Spanish

    "Diaosi" Self-Mockery goes viral in China and Why Foreign Men Care

    -----------------Science and the Media

    Science meets Society interviews Sascha Vongehr

    Jonah Lehrer Successful Science Writer

    Fukushima Locally Chernobyl

    Why You Should be Worried about Japan's Nuclear Reactors

    Israeli Lottery Wonder Demystified

    Three Lessons from the Japan Nuclear Disaster

    David Nichols' Drug Publications “used for negative Ends"

    News Coverage of Japan Nuclear Disaster Setting Records

    Riding the Earthquake Wave

    ICARUS "proves" Neutrinos more than 10 times faster than Light

    Climate Gate Alive and Kicking


    What a good idea!  I’ve probably got even more articles, largely unclassified.

    Now where did I leave my brain?
    Robert H. Olley / Quondam Physics Department / University of Reading / England
    Thanks to this index, Sascha, I found some gems that would have otherwise gone unnoticed by me.