"China’s Openness no One-Way Alley" highlights a revealing and shameful situation: Most of those who pretend to support a larger role for science, secular politics, and society’s rational managing of existential threats like overpopulation, are not just silent, but outright dismissive about the very country where science, secularism, and rational sociology are taken most seriously.

However, addressing politicized “science bloggers” who mainly ride a fashion wave to exploit a growing market niche, or addressing their consumer base, a proud information age mob that demands to be told daily that they are the best and special, well, that strategy has not exactly proven useful. They despise the fact that Asia takes over the scientific leadership role, and by all the powers of selective perception, succeed in the self-delusion about that the historically important elections in November 2012 happened on the American continent instead of in Beijing.

China’s Openness no One-Way Alley” therefore appeared far away from the venues where such matters are usually discussed, namely in the recent edition of The Nanjinger. After all, it is called “science outreach” for a reason.

From the article:

Science needs to play a role in important decisions. However, the US is further regressing into religious irrationality and warmongering that large parts of its population do not even endorse, yet can do nothing to prevent. Western systems are effectively two-party, same policy ones, leaving “choices” such as either religion and big corporate business or small business with even worse religiosity. Even Germany’s chancellor Merkel, though physicist, had to be or at least pretend to be a devote Christian, or else she would not have been allowed into such a powerful position.

It goes on to mention a similar fact, namely that the amazing advances for women that China has enforced and secured for many years now, against all the odds given by a still largely poor, traditional peasant population, do nothing to make China appear anywhere on science writer’s radars, although token feminism is one of the main strategies with which they slime their way into the hearts of progressives:

In fact, only a single nation in the whole world has a political system that is mature enough so that the most important decisions are made by mutual consensus among mild-mannered, secular people who have almost all studied and worked in the hard sciences; Hu Jintao (“Follow Science, Discard Ignorance”, the third of Hu’s 2006 proclaimed Eight Concepts on Honors and Disgraces) and Wen Jiabao for example, or Liu Yandong, who has become one of the world’s most politically influential and powerful females, yet is nevertheless unknown to Western intellectuals, even those who claim to support science, secularism, and emancipation of women.

Liu Yandong

Toward the end, something provocative, but nonetheless very positive, leaving room for optimism:

Entering the US, you are still today asked whether you were ever a member of a communist party. Maybe it is time to ask travelers who come to the PRC whether they are at least aware of the fact that its official ideology is called the Scientific Development Concept. Most foreigners do not know even this simple but amazing fact, that China has indeed made science the leading ideology of a quarter of the human population.


S. Vongehr: “China’s Openness no One-Way Alley.” The Nanjinger – Vol. 3 - Issue 2 - November 2012, pages 8-9

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